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Eurosport, stay abreast of all the latest sports news. Eurosport, stay abreast of all the latest sports news. Through an Android friendly interface, access all daily news and latest scores for all your favourite sports. Our expertise becomes easily accessible in an app thought for you : - Over 150 news articles written daily by our journalists Eurosport invites you to read the biggest headlines of the day along with our unique content and analysis around the most significant stories of the day in sport - All the biggest match and races live commented. Have a look at the "scores" table to find all the live games. - More and more videos about latest highlights and interviews - Live scoring and calendars for all major sports

From version Eurosport 5.8.3 :

Giro d'Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta. The big cycling tours are coming. On this occasion your application has been enhanced with new features: new stage profiles, live gaps between groups and a brand new interactive map that allows to follow the riders in real time. We also took advantage of this update to make several corrections and improvements for an ever better experience.

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