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Server Status is an app that gets information from Minecraft servers. With only a user-supplied server address (no mods or plugins!), this app can retrieve the number of players, message of the day, a sample of online players (for 1.7 servers that have this feature enabled), network latency (predicted lag), and more! Server Status is also able to list Minecraft Pocket Edition servers on the local (wireless) network. Widgets and notifications are supported as well, making it even easier to check your favorite Minecraft server! Notifications can be set to trigger when a server is down or has a certain number of players, and widgets can show the number of players online for any number of servers you choose. -- This version of server status has advertisements. If you don't want advertisements, or want to support development directly, please consider purchasing Server Status Pro (thanks!). -- This app needs some permissions to run, namely INTERNET (needs to ask servers over the internet), ACCESS_WIFI_STATE (for broadcast addresses, to use for Pocket Edition servers) and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE (checks to see if wifi/mobile data is enabled, if not, alert the user accordingly). -- Note: THIS IS NOT MINECRAFT ON YOUR PHONE, OR A POPULAR SERVER LISTER. MINECRAFT SERVER STATUS IS IN NO WAY AFFILIATED OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG AB. MINECRAFT IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF MOJANG AB.

From version Server Status (for Minecraft) 2.1.3 :

2.1.3: - Fixed app forgetting server ports - Fixed widgets for 1080p devices 2.1.2: - More widget bug fixes 2.1.1: - Fixed a couple of widget bugs - Fixed widgets for pre- 1.7 servers Note: Widgets added prior to this version may need to be removed and replaced.

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