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Memory Manager is more than just a task manager, it improves Android's built in task killer. This app willimprove performance and save precious battery life!This app requires root access for some features to work. If you have any questions or concerns please email us [email protected]Memory Manager comes with a built in minfree tweaker and task manager. Minfree refers to the minimum free memory value, e.g. the threshold of free RAM below which idle tasks are killed. Tweaking these values cansave you precious memory.There are multiple presets you can select to customize minfree to improve performance. Memory Manager also has a Task Manager which will show you your current running apps and list them by process type, importance & oom group. There is also a built infloating task managerso you can have a task manager everywhere you go. Other features you will find are a startup killer (kill apps that start on boot), kill all processes (autokiller optimizer), ignore list & the ability to kill apps with root. Some features are only available after a small in-app purchase. This app, along with many more features, is also available inROM Toolbox Pro.

From version Memory Manager 1.0.1 :

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