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TAP INTO YOUR MONEY Send money instantly almost anywhere in the world. Manage all the ways you send, spend and receive money at a glance. SEND PAYMENTS IN SECONDS Send money to PayPal users in over 100 countries using just their mobile number or email address. They can spend the money online or withdraw it with just a tap. And there are no PayPal fees when you send money in GBP to friends in the UK from your bank account, debit card or PayPal balance. GET PAID WITH EASE Send someone a money request, and let them pay you back with just a tap. Whether you’re collecting money for a group gift or something you sold online, we make it easy for them and even easier for you. STAY ON TOP OF IT ALL Every time you send, spend or receive money with PayPal, the app notifies you to help you keep track of it all. Whenever you pay with PayPal - using PayPal Credit, PayPal balance, your bank account or card - you can manage it all in our app. If you are viewing this page outside of the UK, some of these features described may not be available to you in the app.

From version PayPal 6.12.1 :

We hope you’re enjoying the app! Please keep it updated so you’ve always got our latest and greatest improvements.

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