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Do you remember those things you learnt about geography at school and high-school? Would you know where to place the countries, rivers and mountains on a real map? Could you realize which country you are in just by seeing their flag? Find out how much you actually know about geography by answering the numerous questions from the game. With this game you will learn to place each country, river, and mountain. And you will also learn each country´s capital and its flags.

From version ?Sabes de Geografia? 1.6 :

-Actualizadas algunas preguntas -Añadido el lenguage frances

Android ?Sabes de Geografia? Screen 1Android ?Sabes de Geografia? Screen 2Android ?Sabes de Geografia? Screen 3Android ?Sabes de Geografia? Screen 4Android ?Sabes de Geografia? Screen 5Android ?Sabes de Geografia? Screen 6

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