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Hide any files(Pictures, Audio, Videos and etc.) or folders in seconds! Fast and reliable! To the Android 4.4(KitKat) users who have an additional external SD card(most are Samsung users): Android 4.4(KitKat) no longer allows the files on the external SD card to be changed, so *if* you experienced problems when try hiding files on the external SD card, please first move those files to /*your external sdcard path*/Android/data/com.tonado.boli.hermit.hider before hiding! Password setting to prevent others from using this app. You can enable the password on the Settings by checking the option 'Enable Password' and set your password through 'Change Password'. Hide any file(Pictures, Audios, Videos and etc.) or folder you don't want anyone else to see. Hidden Pictures and Videos will disappear from your gallery and video player IMMEDIATELY after you hide them and will appear again once you unhide them. UNLIMITED version that allows you to hide as many files as you want. Password protection to protect the app itself to prevent others from using this app. Features: Hide files and folders. Fast and reliable. Hide folders in seconds. Clean,smooth and intuitive UI to help you easily hide files and folders. Easy to manage all the hidden items and toggle the status between hidden and unhidden. Password protection to ensure your privacy. Explanation for the PERMISSIONS: This app needs MODIFY STORAGE CONTENTS to hide files. And the others (Internet and Network Location) are just used for ads display like many other apps. Nothing will be stored online. FAQ: How to hide and unhide files? Please refer to the detailed help by pressing the MENU button and selecting the Help menu. I hided some files and uninstalled this app, will my hidden files get lost? No. The hidden files are still stored secretly and safely somewhere on your phone and you can re-install this app again any time when you want to restore them. NOTHING WILL GET LOST!

From version File Hide Expert 2.2.7 :

v2.2.7 Fixed the problem that the app could show up in the Recent Apps for some devices. v2.2.6 Improved the hiding performance in Android 5.0 and Android 6.0. Improved the Fast Mode performance. Fixed the files couldn't be displayed problem in some Android 6.0 devices.

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