Plus For graBLOX Puzzle Game APK

Use the unique powers of graBLOX to help these little aliens get home. This dangerously challenging puzzle game will have you scratching your noggin and picking your brain for hours! The premise is simple: remove all the BLOX from the board. Since each BLOX behaves and reacts differently, only those with the cleverest tricks will be able to solve all the puzzles. Think you’ve got what it takes to think outside the BLOX? And NOW, you can create your OWN levels using the graBLOX Level Builder! Use any of the BLOX to create your own levels. Send your levels to your friends, or send them to us and you could see a level with your name on it in a future update!

From version graBLOX Puzzle Game 3.4 :

Android graBLOX Puzzle Game Screen 1Android graBLOX Puzzle Game Screen 2Android graBLOX Puzzle Game Screen 3Android graBLOX Puzzle Game Screen 4

graBLOX Puzzle Game Android versions

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