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Unlimited, free, completely secure. Made in Germany messaging for individuals and teams who value privacy and want to make sure their information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. With true end-to-end encryption, no messages or files are ever transferred unencrypted, and no man in the middle (including SHAPE as the service operator) can read the messages or see even the type of file you've sent! - Point-to-point encryption of text messages and files (pictures, videos, .pdf’s, .doc’s, .xls’s, etc.) - Timer for self-destruction of messages or manual purge of chats on all ends of conversation - Group chats - Anonymous Push notifications - Password-protection of the app along with heavy encryption of all data stored on device - Operated and located in Germany for maximum security and privacy - We don’t send crash logs, don’t track usage statistics, don’t use any advertising engines, don’t integrate social network SDKs Our team works for you 24x7 on further Sicher features and improvements. Get in touch with Sicher team (please do in case of any questions or comments):

From version Sicher 1.0 :

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