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Features include: - Watch live TV - Catch up on the past 30 days - Watch on Wi-Fi and cellular networks - Download TV programmes to watch later - Browse Categories and Channels - Cast content to your TV using Chromecast - Share your added programmes across devices with your BBC account ** We’ve developed the BBC Media Player app to improve video streaming playback on Android devices. You’ll need to install this separately from the Google Play Store. To make installation of the BBC Media Player as easy as possible, BBC iPlayer will prompt you to install it if it is required when you first play a live programme. To give you the best experience, this app tracks what you’ve watched on BBC iPlayer and how long you’ve watched programmes for. You can turn this off by logging into your BBC account and turning off “Allow Personalisation”. This app also tracks when you add something to My Programmes. You can remove programmes by tapping Remove. In addition, the BBC iPlayer app uses standard Android app permissions that are defined by the Google Android platform. The device uses performance cookies for internal purposes to help us improve the app. You can choose to opt out of this at any time from the in-app Settings menu. For more information about this, privacy, cookies and Android app permissions, visit the BBC iPlayer Apps Privacy notice at https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/help/app_privacy. To read the BBC’s Privacy Policy go to https://www.bbc.co.uk/privacy If you install this app you accept the BBC Terms of Use at https://www.bbc.co.uk/terms. The app was developed by Media AT (BBC Media Applications Technologies Limited) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Full details of Media AT are available on the Companies House website at: http://data.companieshouse.gov.uk/doc/company/07100235
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APK Version History BBC iPlayer .APK For Android

  • georgekok64
    2015-12-09 10:30:05

    Very Good.Nice me!

  • Francis Groves
    2015-02-24 00:25:15


  • Georges
    2015-01-17 09:41:01

    This is great

  • juanamesi1987
    2014-11-18 01:02:30

    ewZcxζχ φτο

  • Andrew Albano
    2014-10-16 13:28:23

    Will not play content on my Kindle Fire HD 8.9

  • Amandeep Singh Sohal
    2014-05-16 20:54:52

    not the latest version, can't launch it

  • Derek Lewis
    2014-03-24 04:07:03

    worth the aptoide install simply for this... brilliant!

  • RockerCover
    2013-10-09 21:29:19

    Totally Sound. couldn't get it through the normal store due to country lock. Thanks!

  • version 1.3.1 is the best
    2013-04-20 17:51:05

    don't use versions after 1.3.1 since they all depend on having an extra app installed when its not really needed.

  • mirry_00
    2013-02-22 02:05:49

    it ain't even downloading....