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Freedom for Android 5.x+ only For the operation of the program, you must be user Root (rooted device). Short description: The program to bypass license check Market (LVL) and to emulate purchases within applications (In-App Billing). Description: Are you tired of games and offers programs to buy something (extensions, coins, etc.)? Buy them for free with the help of Freedom! Using very simple: Install, run (the first run may take some time - up to several minutes), Tapan application - it runs. Then it is possible to pass a license test, and the purchase of the application you will be able to pay feykovoy card. Requirements: root, s-off unlocked (for owners htc), Android 2.2+. Currently, there are problems with the support of some devices. The application is designed to work only with officially bought downloaded from the Google Play applications. Also, of course, I need Google Apps, Google Service Framework, Google Play Store, well and accordingly Google Account. Installation: 1- Make sure that you have “Unknown sources” enabled in your security settings 2- Install downloaded Freedom APK and launch it 3- Allow Superuser permissions request (Root Access) 4- Tap on application in which you want to use free in-app purchase, wait a little. Application should start automatically 5- Next, make your in-app purchase. Additional Information: - If you have problems running on a particular device - please write in PM madkite2, preferably with logcat (who does not know what it is, it can be done with aLogCat , CatLog or a similar program). More may be needed here All Values ​​of this program: Phone Info . - If you have trouble getting the S-OFF, but you have Recovery, and you know how to use it, it is also in a personal email madkite2 - there is an option. - May not work properly when using a modified application Google Play Store, in case of problems, use the original. - Instruction video and screenshots (in angliykom): - Brief "alternative" instructions for use Freedom . - The program Calibattery recently offers to delete Freedom. Choose one thing. ATTENTION! Do not nail tightly Freedom of processes (force close uninstall), while the service is running and hanging notification. Make Menu -> Stop, and then what you want, otherwise the Market will then write that there is no connection. Kindly requested to who has found on the Internet, "a new version of" freedom'a - not to spread her here! - It will make the author ( Madkite2 ) or supervisor ( Timon07 ) threads, once the new version is really, well, before asking something to read until the end cap is not limited to FAQ, especially pay attention to the point - Why was my post deleted? ! text and highlighted in red FREEDOM DOES NOT WORK WITH ONLINE-GAMES C service and can not use it to buy paid game application books films in the market, to replenish the bank card or to subscribe!

From version Freedom 1.6.1 :

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