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SmartPixel Screen Recorder - No root screen recorder for Android gamer Screen capturer no root tutorial: http:bbs.smartpixel.comforum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1126 SmartPixel screen recorder is a free Android game recorder which helps mobile gamers easily capture, clip, upload and share high quality Android game videos to YouTube channel as well as other social network. It also works with GoPlay.com to provide free and stable cloud storage as well as game video play services for mobile gamers to interact with their friends. It's one of the best free Android game recorder app for mobile gamers. SmartPixel Features ▶ Powerful Compatibility Perfectly supports Android game recording on Android device above 4.0. SmartPixel screen recorder can always help to capture exciting mobile gameplay videos on the screen, it is the best free Android game recorder. ▶ HD video recording SmartPixel screen recorder provides video recording with different qualities up to 720P, you can set screen capture definition based on the mobile hardware condition. The higher video quality, the higher hardware specs. ▶ Audio sync In addition to screen audio capture, SmartPixel screen recorder also supports microphone audio capture, which is perfect for gamer to capture tutorial game videos with live comment. ▶ Super fluency capture SmartPixel screen recorder provides advanced screen capture technology to ensure you capture screen fluently with HD quality based on your smartphone hardware condition. ▶ Free cloud storage service SmartPixel screen recorder work with GoPlay game video community to provide free and stable cloud storage and video play services for mobile gamers, the mobile game videos can be upload to GoPlay and YouTube channel freely. ▶ One click share SmartPixel screen recorder integrated social network APIs together for gamer to upload and share the mobile game video to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with one click. Great mobile gameplay moments can be shared with friends and fans at ease. The SmartPixel game recorder 2.1 now support Android lollipop screen capture with no root, for Android version below lollipop, SmartPixel one click authorization tool could easily authorize screen recording with no root. It's the best no root screen recorder for Android lollipop. FAQ: 1、How to capture game screen with no root? We suggest you update your Android phone to Android lollipop, it allows game screen capture with no root. For Android version below 5.0, we suggest you try SmartPixel one click authorization tool to capture screen with no root. 2、How to clip videos with SmartPixel screen recorder? Click the SmartPixel icon in the toolbar, you can login the video center, select game video that you want to upload to YouTube channel, then clip video by moving the left and right cursor on the timeline to remove the redundant contents in Video Edit panel, then input title, description of the video to upload to YouTube channel. 3、Why I can’t capture audio while screen recording? SmartPixel screen recorder could capture screen and mic audio simultaneously, it can be turned on in the record setting panel. 4、Can I customize the definition、frame rates of the video? No, you can’t. SmartPixel game recorder offered 4 different definitions in the record setting panel, you can select the right one. We will keep our effort on providing better screen capture experience. 5、Where can I find the video files recorded with SmartPixel? You can find the video files at: sdcardSmartPixelvideo. 6、Where the video saved after uploaded? The videos will be saved to GoPlay cloud after you upload via SmartPixel game recorder, you can check or modify the videos information on www.goplay.com.
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    2016-12-05 09:49:02

    what need to root my phone pls it is hard to root pls fix that

  • edmarc bravo
    2016-11-18 07:04:19

    I will try it

  • 2016-10-30 11:44:13

    I need to ROOT my device?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • 2016-10-25 18:35:54

    nao sei ainda.

  • 2016-10-23 07:40:10

    never tried it i looks like it sucks!

  • 2016-09-26 02:06:08

    you have to root your pc. -.

  • 2016-09-24 05:52:15

    I hate this app it says I need a installment

  • 2016-09-21 22:21:40

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  • Dowan Hermawan
    2016-08-28 18:23:07

    its use root?

    2016-08-15 22:14:35

    ups no its not working maeby is my phone fault

  • Cristhian Dex22
    2016-08-14 18:22:14

    Es muy buena

  • zylox gamer
    2016-08-14 15:22:15

    does this work for jellybean

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  • Alwin Cabatingan
    2016-06-18 16:18:00

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  • Konstantinos Kariof
    2016-06-17 13:13:44

    Very good app, works perfectly on my rooted device! Thank you!

  • Alwin Cabatingan
    2016-06-05 08:31:17

    Cool yes time to add video

  • KhenGamer PH
    2016-05-22 08:27:24

    I like this app, I will this 5 stars

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    2016-04-04 14:11:08

    is this thing new?

  • Earl Pantino
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    hoping this works perfecly cause the others need to root

  • Earl Pantino
    2016-04-04 14:09:19

    me too dude

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    I hope working now

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    2016-03-24 05:46:12

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    2016-01-29 01:40:03

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    2015-12-31 20:16:00

    This app is nice

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    2015-12-21 22:18:52

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