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Color lovers, get excited! Color-themed wallpapers are here – and this one is all about blue! If blue is your favorite color, or simply the color that matches your mood today, you've found the right app! From cobalt to navy to baby blue, this primary color comes in many different shades. Blue is a color that is very connected to nature; water lovers will feel right at home with hues that mimic the dark blue shades of the world's ocean, lakes and streams, while sky gazers will be drawn to the lighter blues of sunny skies. Blue is a color that is often associated with sadness; hence the saying "he's got the blues". However, blue can also be uplifting, representing calm, relaxation and peace, as well as wisdom and intelligence! The blue wallpapers in this app may be monochromatic, but they are far from boring! In addition to many unique shades of blue, these wallpapers feature various textures, patterns and prints that are visually stimulating without being distracting – making them the perfect background for your device! Find beautiful patterned blue wallpapers that will add the perfect splash of color to your background!
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