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APK Version History Anime Mobile .APK For Android

  • Ryan Fanayan
    2019-09-03 08:41:22

    hi fjsjsjdhsjd

  • lance68
    2017-03-28 17:00:21

    thank you its actually my app

  • lance68
    2017-03-28 17:00:50

    thank you for your comment it's actually my app

  • potato_king30
    2016-08-21 22:15:18

    Its been like three months and it's still broken.

  • Ebbe Pettersson
    2016-07-11 21:23:12

    plz fix the app its not working properly right now it was better before i have used it for about a year now and loved it but recently it it stopt showing the episodes

  • Silver_king
    2016-07-11 18:19:18

    This is the best anime app there is but it's been a week and it's still hasn't been fixed

  • Nightcσrε Fεvεr
    2016-07-11 13:52:26

    This was the only application that had every Anime + free. It was the best. But it's already been a week and nothing's loading...

  • Z Cisowski
    2016-07-07 21:02:19

    it won't let me on it, it just stays on the loading screen same for manga mobile

  • Зомби Вампир Чойжоо
    2016-07-06 20:50:58

    I saw website closed and the server shutdown for some reasons and i dunno they r closing it temporally but going it will be fixed

  • edwin
    2016-07-06 15:38:21

    can anyone help me out with this app it just keeps loading and it doesnt go anywhere need some help

  • edwin
    2016-07-06 15:37:41

    can you guys help me out the app just keeps loading and it doesnt go anywhere help me out please

  • AnimeMobileDeveloper
    2016-06-02 19:51:30

    Thanks all for loving my app

  • Devin Jackson
    2016-05-12 01:24:02

    this is probably the best anime app on aptoide definitely would recommend

  • Xander Hazel
    2015-12-19 09:54:24

    awsome dont stop improving

  • Xander Hazel
    2015-11-27 19:33:52

    awsome! I reccomend 100%

  • It's me Aleks
    2015-11-16 12:19:37

    The app whenever you try to fast forward for an anime from a download it will end the episode completely

  • Haywood Gill
    2015-10-21 02:17:22

    cool colors

  • Ronald Onwubuya
    2015-09-03 08:21:55

    Great app!!! Download it

  • Achillefs Moraitis
    2015-07-16 17:38:35

    awesome app

  • Zehos
    2015-05-15 03:14:37

    The best free app for see anime & manga.