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This application requires Minecraft Pocket Edition MCPE Master for Minecraft PE is a free utility launcher for MC PE where you will find all the newest maps, addons, sideways, servers, wallpapers, skins, mods, as well as crafting and crafting recipes. Download and automatically install into the game through our launcher. MCPE Maps and Seeds - Free and Best Maps for MultiCraft with multiplayer for multiple players. - Maps for Survival and Adventure - Maps for Creative and Creating - Maps for Mini Games and Parkour - Maps for PVP and Hide and Seek And much more Hills, Plants, Houses, Cities, Redstone, Flying Island, Horrors, Escape from Prisons, Cops and Bandits. MCPE Mods and Addons - Top popular and best Mod for Minecraft and addons with automatic installation in the game and a launcher. - Mod Lucky Block - Mod Pixelmon - Mods on weapons and cannon - Mod for cars and transport - Mod for furniture and houses And much more (Animals, Pets, Portals, Redstone, Dagon, Technique, Zombies, Mutants, Dragons, Tanks) MCPE Skins - The most popular and rare Skins for Minecraft, also additional functions, 3D skin preview and 360 degree rotation. - Thief Skins (View skins by the player's nickname and the ability to steal it) - Skin Editor (Create or edit any skin) - Skins for Boys - Skins for Girls - Skins for the Child - Skins for PVP And much more (Animals, Military, Monsters, Celebrities, Heroes, Robots, Anime, Yutubers) MCPE Servers - Choose from the list and play on the servers or create your own server for multiplayer with multiple players in one game. - Servers with mods - Servers with PVP - Servers with Mini Games - PocketMine All servers are tested and work stably on the latest versions of MC PE, the list of servers can be ranked by version and category. Textures for MC PE - A variety of texture packs and shaders for a more realistic game. Apply binding, radiance, glare, change the standard textures and lighting. - Faithful - 32x32 - 64x64 - 128x128 - Full HD Realistic shaders and stuff, be careful your game can change beyond recognition. Craft Guide for MC PE Crafting recipes and a description of weapons, protection, tools, potions, food, transport, redston, as well as their extraction and crafting. - Subject Recipes (Identifier, Description, Drop) - Drink Potion - Smelting Items - Description Mob (Health, Attack, Strength, Spawn, specifications) (Creeper, Endermen, Gast, Zombie, Ocelot, Dragon Edge) - Description of Biomes (Mobs, Objects) (Ocean, Desert, Swamp, Plain, Gorge, River) All items, mobs and biomes are taken and mobile and computer versions of the game, the database is constantly changing and replenishing. Buildings for MC PE The master builder of buildings and buildings, works without additional launchers. Instant construction in one click without unnecessary actions. All cards are saved and can be restored. - Building - Mansions - Furnished houses - Buildings - Statues - Aircraft and helicopters - Spaceships - Naval ships - Cars - Means of transport - Medieval castles - Mechanisms All buildings are unique and created by professional builders, carefully if you have buildings on the map, then they can be destroyed! Some functions of the application may require BlockLauncher. DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not associated in any way with Mojang AB. Minecraft Name, Minecraft Mark and Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with http://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines All files provided for download in this application are provided under the terms of a free distribution license. If you feel that we have violated your intellectual property rights, or any other agreement, please contact us by e-mail [email protected], we will immediately take the necessary measures.
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