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Careem is MENA’s #1 car booking app for a safe, reliable and affordable ride. Voted as the Careem will get you where you need to be. Commuting to work? Airport transfer? Visiting family? Forget about parking, traffic, car rental, waiting for a taxi or taking the bus. Download Careem now for hassle free transportation. - Booking a ride is easier than lifting your arm to hail a cab. - Careem’s ride hailing app can be used to book a ride for immediate pick up – think shopping trips, or the daily work commute – Or to schedule a ride for later, which is an amazing feature you can use to get to the airport on time. - The Careem app provides a fare estimate and allows you to track the driver (we call ours Captains) in real time. A feature you won’t find with most taxi services. - Having a choice is great. Pay the way you want, we accept cash and credit cards. Are you still hailing? - Our GPS tracking is on point (see what we did there?), so our Captains can easily reach or drop you off exactly where you want. No more going around in circles with a cab or a taxi service. - Our customer support is ready to help you all day, everyday. 1. Download the app. Our GPS ninjas will automatically pick up your location more accurately than a cab. 2. Pick your car type and choose ‘Ride now’ or ‘Ride later’ depending on when you want to get going. A more flexible option than a taxi. 3. Choose your dropoff location for a fare estimate. 4. Tap ‘YALLA!’ and instantly get a confirmation instantly, complete with your Captain’s details and location. 5. Track your ride in real time. Then just get in, sit back and relax. You only pay after the ride is complete. Follow our social media accounts to be in the loop about amazing offers Facebook: facebook.com/careem Instagram: instagram.com/careem Twitter: twitter.com/careem If you are facing any issues with the app or have any suggestions, email us at 
[email protected] Careem’s car booking service is available 24/7 in major cities around MENA, Pakistan and Turkey; such as Dubai, Lahore, Karachi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Cairo, Beirut, Islamabad, Istanbul and many more. Visit careem.com to see if we operate in your city. Yalla let’s go!
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