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The description of Block City Clan Wars

An exciting first person shooter game where you come across several minds blowing challenges and thrilling twists. The exquisite landscapes and epic pixel graphics play an indispensable role in enhancing the interest of the game. Today where the human being is making considerable improvements in everyday life, dark shadows still persist who aims to defeat the human race. These clutching souls do not stop for anything for achieving the desired success. The latest technology in the game will let people digitalize the memories. A renowned scientist has been working really on the project. Just before the release of the breakthrough technology, the scientist was murdered, the lab was destroyed and the device got stolen. The incident gets uploaded to your mind and as you aim to report to your seniors, you find yourself in danger as the brutal enemies determine to kill you to ensure that his identity does not get revealed. You leave no stone unturned for unmasking the brutal murder and surviving the attacks. You navigate through the dangerous series and accomplish each level. As you complete each level, you continue to face deadlier enemies with the most fierce weapons. Features: • Entity map This map helps you to find all the possible directions from which the foes may attack you. • Power-ups As you accomplish each level in the game, you win power-ups with which you can fight the deadly enemies at much ease. • Blocky weapons These weapons are available after completing certain stages of the game. These weapons are of great use in fighting the enemies. • Beat the clock There is a specific time duration within which you need to complete the different levels of the game. As you accomplish the level before the specified time, you will win various weapons that help you to fight the enemies. Other features include: Touchpad game controls Map-style level select Weapon pickups FPS action
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  • Izabella Gonçalves Reis
    2018-08-30 23:31:47

    ten que ter muito espaço

  • Izabella Gonçalves Reis
    2018-08-30 23:31:09

    é legal mesmo

  • Ariana Alves
    2018-02-12 15:09:30

    oi fose que jogar comigo ese jogo mas e online

  • Ariana Alves
    2018-02-12 15:09:05

    e online nos podemos jogar online se vir