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The description of Where's My Valentine?

Enjoy a lively and lovely romantic-themed water puzzle featuring Swampy and Perry. Love is in the air. And you are invited to fall in love with your favourite heroes Perry and Swampy in Where's My Valentine. This water-physics puzzle features 12 exclusive love-themed levels with Perry and Swampy. Swampy is a cute and charming alligator and very different from the rest. He hates the dirt and grime and loves his showers. But his shower has suddenly stopped working and it is driving Swampy crazy. It is up to you to cut through the layers of mud and direct the water back into Swampy's happy shower. However, you need to be careful, as these 6 levels of puzzles also come with obstacles like algae and other traps. In Perry's 6 levels, you have to help reach the semiaquatic sleuth Agent P back to the headquarters for his briefing. However, the escape route involves secret transportation tubes powered by water, ice and steam. In love with the game? Upgrade and enjoy the full versions of both these games: Where's My Water and Where's My Perry. Where's My Water features over 250 water-based levels, 3 new free levels every week, items like fans, balloons, toxic water and algae to solve the puzzles as well as characters like Cranky and Mystery Duck. On the other hand, Where's My Perry comes with over 120 spy-themed levels featuring plenty of hidden bonuses and the challenging Dr. Doofenshmirtz levels which feature the Minion-inator! Want more tricks, hints and tricks? Like us on facebook.com/WheresMyWater
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APK Version History Where's My Valentine? .APK For Android

  • SoftNi🅱🅱a
    2019-01-23 21:04:43

    at least not as worse as you xD

  • Bilal Escobar
    2016-08-29 19:04:24

    c'est très beau

  • Антон Торев
    2016-06-18 12:23:01

    Трябва да играете тази игра Where's My Valentine

  • Jordan Luna
    2015-11-26 01:11:52

    calla tío ññññ

  • Jordan Luna
    2015-11-26 00:44:12

    suelos recomiendo ya que es de estrategia

  • Amie Bacus Podiotan
    2015-09-12 04:45:02

    fast Inttol

  • Dawid Kryłat
    2015-02-15 11:02:10

    fajna gra inne części też spoko

  • 盛CQ
    2015-01-22 07:14:50


  • ‫محمد جميل‬‎
    2014-03-14 07:14:40


  • saltimbac
    2014-03-11 22:59:04


  • Lesley Maynard
    2014-03-08 03:30:28

    this is stupid and can't believe that I can't open it

  • Super Sonic Hedgehod
    2014-03-07 20:32:48

    No se que tiene de buwno si tambien tw lo descaegas en el play store pero si si esta genial XD

  • triple_noe
    2014-03-07 18:58:16

    esta buenisimo

    2014-03-06 14:13:01

    esta buenisimo el juego ,e gusta

  • floreskennedy409
    2014-03-06 02:22:45

    I downloaded it and it wouldnt open!

  • Bueno
    2014-03-04 18:15:31

    Bueno Juego ! :)

  • marisol.m881
    2014-03-04 17:24:23

    si esta bueno porque biene dos en uno

  • amrali221133
    2014-03-03 18:41:32

    جيد جدا

  • Lucy House Cleaning
    2014-03-03 04:39:53

    I can not pass it:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • tiocy bot
    2014-03-03 02:44:30

    piece of shit wast of time

  • msaucedo4
    2014-03-02 18:51:21

    is an OK game but weird too and fun

  • jatsergarcia
    2014-03-01 23:52:07

    lol bichtes

  • Nezes Liliane
    2014-03-01 22:46:47

    Le Jeu est Flatte Il mérite Mm Pas d'exister 😏

  • هہۧہكہۣۗروكہٰے يہۣا قہۧلہۣۗبہۣۗيے
    2014-02-28 22:14:23


  • lucas-farias
    2014-02-28 14:47:21

    (+_+) :< sei la

  • Maria Luiza Sachetto Vilalta
    2014-02-26 01:24:41

    nao sei aimda ta baixando

  • ae.ae16040
    2014-02-25 17:36:42

    كلش حلوه

  • havi
    2014-02-22 03:00:00

    buenisimo este juego me encanta

  • manonpizzaferri
    2014-02-21 20:46:56

    trop bien :-) :'( :-\ :-[ O:-) :-! :-$

  • Kenneth Foo
    2014-02-18 14:55:20

    not full version!

  • yonalaan
    2014-02-17 20:40:30

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  • carlos513.ca23
    2014-02-17 01:13:26

    es un game debertido

  • ladiana02
    2014-02-17 00:23:08

    es un juego interesante y divertido

  • Camilli Caetano
    2014-02-16 11:48:40

    amei jogo nota 10

  • Annalucia Finiguerra
    2014-02-15 13:32:27

    un gioco carino ma molto difficile quando vai avanti con i livelli.

  • albertangeles6
    2014-02-15 08:30:38

    is this full

  • Lili Crapoulet
    2014-02-14 19:29:19

    se jeu et trop bien bebe

  • benjigachen
    2014-02-14 18:18:31

    Franchement ce. jeu est sympa !

  • mafiamen
    2014-02-14 01:45:06

    game is not playing on my phone fix it please

  • Ignacio Andres Olivero Aguilar
    2014-02-13 15:08:59


  • Touril Kelly
    2014-02-10 19:07:50

    franchement ses un jeux très simpas car moiii Jaime bien après chacun ses goue mes il mérite un Jaime !

  • titine.dimech
    2013-05-11 02:45:50

    c'est ipére tros biens