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► "Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore is one of the best sagas on mobile.” (IGN Espana, 8.3 points out of 10) ► "A gorgeous looking shooter that pushes the series into the modern mobile age." (Pocket Gamer, 9 points out of 10, Gold Award) ► "The fun is intense and the universe gorgeous. So put on your helmet, heat up the engine and face the tyrants of the Neox Sector!" (KickMyGeek, 8.5 points out of 10) # # # INTENSE SPACE FIGHTS IN STUNNING ENVIRONMENTS # # # Accept a contract, pick a ship and dash into space. Show your piloting skills in a broad variety of contract, freelance or boss missions. Fight unrelenting enemies in breath-taking outer space environments. Dodge in-coming missiles with perfectly timed barrel rolls and dash through the ramifications of giant space stations. And once your shields are up again, strike back and give ‘em hell! # # # TRUST THE MEDIA # # # ► “A fast, responsive, and gorgeous sci-fi blaster with stunning interstellar settings”. (Pocket Gamer) ► "Be sure to pay attention here for what is sure to be one of the big mobile games of the summer." (Touch Arcade) # # # TEAM UP AND FACE THE GANGS # # # Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore puts an entire universe in your pocket. Hire your fellow players’ ships as wingmen and go after the galaxy’s most wanted criminals together. Remain unflinching as you advance further into the dark, pulsating heart of the Neox Sector! # # # GALAXY ON FIRE 3 - MANTICORE’S UNIQUE FEATURES # # # • A universe in your pocket: Play the 3rd installment of the pioneering GOF saga • Give ‘em hell: Fight your way through the intergalactic gang hierarchies • A stunning game world: Enter rich orbits and unlock new areas • Gear up: Fly spectacular ships and mount powerful weapons • A connected experience: Hire your friends’ ships as wingmen # # # JOIN THE CORE # # # Follow the links below to reach out to the developers and talk to your fellow players. Use the official hashtag #gof3manticore in your social media posts. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gof3manticore Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/gof3manticore Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gof3manticore Tumblr: http://gof3manticore.tumblr.com Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GOF3Manticore Website: http://www.gof3manticore.com Support: http://support.dsfishlabs.com
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