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Aquarium Note is made for aquarium hobbyist who keep fish, aquatic plants or corals. Features: • Record information of aquarium and count days from the setup date. • Log aquarium activities with photo. • Log 24 water parameters (pH, temperature, nitrate, salinity, ...) and view trend with graph. • Countdown timer to help measure parameters. • Calculate expenses of aquarium. • Manage multiple aquariums. • Record information of livestock and count days of living. • Filtering list of livestock by types, belonging aquarium and status. • Calculate expenses of livestock. • Record information of goods. • Filtering list of goods by types and belonging aquarium. • Calculate expenses of goods. • To-Do list and reminder. • Wishlist, Tank Volume Calculator • Export data as HTML and XML files • Backup data and restore data Keyword: saltwater reef freshwater tank aquascape marine shrimp
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