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Know how it feels to fly a plane, without having to leave your home. Infinite Flight Simulator is a game specially created for your Android device that will give you the experience of flying a plane with a comprehensive flight simulator. So, if you just always had the curiosity of knowing how it would feel to be a pilot or if you are actually an accomplished, professional pilot, this a perfect app for you. There are several types of aircrafts that you can choose from, so between Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Cessna, Cirrus and others, you will have 35 different options. Some of them are free and others you can choose to buy to complete your aircraft fleet! Infinite Flight Simulator gives you the opportunity to fly your planes across different regions of the world, in different atmospheric conditions and also with several weight configurations. You can enjoy the app’s multiplayer mode as well as improve your skills as you continue playing with Infinite Flight Simulator’s advanced cameras and replays which will allow you to rewatch and improve every portion of your flight. Practise some amazing take offs and landings by trying all major airports which contain precise runways and taxiway layouts. You will have to take part in the flight planning and learn everything about the Instrument Landing System as well as how to control your aircraft in different time and weather condition or balance and weight configurations. Get ready to participate in an immersive experience with Infinite Flight Simulator incredibly realistic features.
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APK Version History Infinite Flight Simulator .APK For Android

  • Suppu Jifin
    2018-05-18 05:06:34

    saying lay my apk is working nice

  • Souda Gopal
    2018-05-17 07:25:55

    which do you have nba 2k 18

  • Smish
    2018-05-15 15:28:13

    it's not fake you have to pay for it DUMB FUCK

  • Smish
    2018-05-15 15:27:49

    it's not fake dumbass it just won't let you play it unless you pay for it

  • Barkha Panchal
    2018-05-13 06:19:14

    Same here

  • Muhammad Afif Fauzan
    2018-05-10 04:58:52

    maksudnya itu keluar dulu dan menuju playstore itu utk unistall aplikasi ini dan cara installnya harus bayar dulu.Saya juga selalu begitu

  • Thanasit Nasawang
    2018-05-05 12:59:05


    2018-05-02 16:15:01

    você conseguiu????

    2018-05-02 16:14:29

    você conseguiu?????

  • Sorwit Nuhor
    2018-04-22 02:38:31


  • Alfred HD
    2018-04-15 16:07:48

    Welche denn

  • Mayrlan Carlos
    2018-04-04 12:59:15

    como assim?😂

  • Frozen Skull
    2018-04-03 18:16:11

    tas pas la bonne version android !

  • hassan tinoudi
    2018-03-31 13:57:34

    لعبة رائعة وجيدة لماذا لا نحملها؟ رد لو سمحت

  • tony nguyen
    2018-03-31 06:28:52

    rat hay luon

  • Wanyama Timoth
    2018-03-26 10:56:02

    how do I download plans .help me.

  • [piloto]cmdt Luiz
    2018-03-24 18:42:01

    você sabe oque esta fazendo com o aviao ? sabe pilotar isso e um simulador não um jogo

    2018-03-23 13:32:52


  • luissinho 22
    2018-03-22 23:07:47

    aprende a jogar primeiro

    2018-03-22 10:46:38

    Me to same problem

  • Marius Tyger
    2018-03-12 20:17:57


  • Adalto Jr
    2018-03-09 13:39:01

    Pois e

  • Novero Vero
    2018-03-08 06:44:40

    pake kuota ga bang?

  • Novero Vero
    2018-03-08 06:44:40

    pake kuota ga bang?

  • رجب رفاعي
    2018-03-08 02:17:16

    اروع لعبة طيارن موجودة على النت تستاهل الف نجمة

    2018-03-07 17:55:39

    no fake

    2018-03-07 17:54:53

    tu versión de Android es muy antigua para soportar el juego

  • Adam Adam
    2018-02-26 12:30:25

    not sure about that m8

  • Fernanda Chaves
    2018-02-26 06:08:33

    como posso comprá avião no jogo infiniti flight.

  • 김숙
    2018-02-25 09:54:13

    루팅하시고 럭키런쳐로 해결하세요

  • Atith Tananchai
    2018-02-19 11:10:04


  • Ivan Sánchez Rodrigo
    2018-02-14 23:23:25


  • LightTrooper a
    2018-02-14 02:10:25

    me dice lo mismo ami

  • Zultanti Dewi
    2018-02-06 13:50:01


  • Ebenezar Ebe
    2018-02-04 10:43:38

    is this working on it phone??

  • Douglas Soares
    2018-02-03 20:51:11

    gostei e top demais

  • Prasannajit Mahapatra
    2018-01-27 17:33:11

    is this working?

  • Prasannajit Mahapatra
    2018-01-27 17:32:55

    is this working????

  • Idir Meradi
    2018-01-27 09:59:02

    Moi sa ne marche pas il me dise non comment tu as fais

  • Firas Mtir
    2018-01-27 04:30:34

    comment ça marche.. on doit avoir un compte payé ils m'ont demandé ça

  • Sourav Paul
    2018-01-20 19:58:23

    how did u download??

  • Floki o piloto
    2018-01-16 14:16:35

    mas vc consegue a aeronave?

  • France Kilani
    2018-01-13 17:04:40

    Me too

  • France Kilani
    2018-01-13 17:04:40

    Me too

  • Shafiq Hiqmal
    2018-01-11 20:45:41

    lancau sial

  • Scotty Biabiany
    2018-01-11 02:16:56

    donner moi une solution svp merci

  • Dallas Bearman
    2018-01-09 01:29:09

    just type in on Google. infinite flight muziwhan

  • Γιώργος Κοσμίδης
    2018-01-05 15:47:08

    U R FAQ

  • paulo roberto Veiga
    2018-01-04 18:21:35

    o meu dis que tem que baixar pelo playstore pode me ajudar

  • paulo roberto Veiga
    2018-01-04 18:20:40

    o meu dis que tem que baixar pelo playstore