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GO Battery Saver & Power Widget – World’s best power manager with 15,000,000+ downloads! GO Battery Saver is capable of extending your battery life. Main features of this battery plus include power saving mode, smart saving, toggle control, power testing, etc. Never worry about finding a charger in the middle of the day again! If you are forced or tricked to be here by malicious means, please report to us: [email protected] Main Features - Accurately estimates battery remaining time - Widget that improves battery performance with personalized UI design - Indicates how much battery power will be extended if you shut down WiFi, Bluetooth,etc - Battery consumption optimization in just one click - Smart battery save - Charging Maintenance to help keep the charging process safe and healthy Contact Us Email:[email protected] website:http://www.gomo.com/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/GO-Battery-Saver-198728480484447/ Use of this app is governed by our Terms of Service: http://www.goforandroid.com/en/term-of-service.html and Privacy Policy: http://www.goforandroid.com/en/privacy-policy.html Ads will be shown in certain scenes in our app. For more information, please visit https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices. 使用 Google 翻译将说明翻译成中文? 翻译 Magic Cleaner, a reliable memory & speed booster and Android optimizer, helps you clean junk file, boost mobile phone, and extend battery life. Magic Cleaner is a small yet effective booster and cleaner for Android. With intuitive interface, it can clean junk files, cache, ads, unnecessary background apps and boost mobile memory to make your phone faster. Even Android phones with slow processor and low RAM can have better performance after being cleaned and boosted. 

 Key Features of Magic Cleaner ★ Phone Boost By phone boost, this free Android memory (RAM) booster will clean unnecessary background apps to spare more free memory and make your phone faster. The one-tap boost optimizes your Android device and makes it faster by 50%. And what makes this memory booster special is its durable boost effect, which prevents apps from auto-restart. ★ Junk File & Cache Clean This cache and junk file cleaner has intelligently and accurately analyzed thousands of apps and how junk file are created. Therefore it can clean junk file and other residual file to reclaim storage space. ★ Battery Saver
 This junk-file cleaner provides real-time memory and battery monitor. The phone booster forces to close the unnecessary background apps, saving battery power and extending battery life. ★ Phone Cool Down
 Detect and clean apps that cause overheating. By phone boost and clean, this phone booster can cool down your mobile in seconds. ★ Root Free
 Even without root access, this speed booster for Android can boost phone and clean cache effectively and efficiently. Contact us: [email protected] For more apps developed by GOMO, please visit www.gomo.com.
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APK Version History GO Battery Saver&Power Widget .APK For Android

  • 2016-09-23 21:45:58

    la súper recomiendo buena apk seria bueno que le pusieran un widget como el ahorro avanzado como el battery doctor para forzar la detención mas profunda de aplicaciones

  • Dannelito Jonsson
    2016-09-02 15:59:48

    it's an great App!! It dose that it's supposed to do 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Sophal Ngor
    2016-07-13 23:46:22

    my phon haves the virus

  • Sophal Ngor
    2016-07-13 23:44:51

    my phon is not working

  • Esther Guzman
    2016-05-29 17:10:16

    it good amazing for my phone because my phone use to lose power fast

  • davemartires
    2015-10-30 14:25:50

    Plss help to manage my sbgamehack to all my games

  • hamody_200113
    2013-12-26 22:27:22

    you are the best htcsence

  • waqar
    2013-12-26 11:27:40

    Thanks Htcsence :)

  • Sami K. Muslam
    2013-11-19 09:57:49

    waw its very good

  • HTCsense
    2013-10-21 16:34:33

    GO Battery Saver &Power Widget Premium v4.24

  • RKO
    2013-07-23 02:11:27

    @HTCsense pls add new go power widget prime :) thanks.

  • HTCsense
    2013-07-12 17:59:40

    GO Battery Saver & Widget Premium v4.1.1 Patched

  • HTCsense
    2013-07-04 17:40:20

    GO Battery Saver & Widget Premium v4.1.0 all premium features enabled.

  • HTCsense
    2013-06-28 18:20:57

    GO Battery Saver & Widget Premium v4.0.9 all premium features enabled.

  • e.g.shayan.saa
    2013-04-15 12:32:35


  • rafiohan
    2013-04-12 11:29:09

    this application is very cool

  • farhang69
    2012-12-07 21:01:56


  • johnny
    2013-01-12 12:48:22

    not premium!

  • mee_dip01
    2013-01-29 19:05:30

    is it the full version with all premium features?please reply.

  • johnny
    2013-01-12 00:08:33

    this one is not premium