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Richer dictionary results with definitions, examples and synonyms for English, French, Russian and Spanish. Instant camera translation: English to/from Korean

APK Name For Download : Google Translate

Version : 5.20.0.RC10.199570264

Package : com.google.android.apps.translate

Size : 17.57 MB (18426895 bytes)

Get It On : Get Google Translate on Google Play

Target : 4.2.x

CPU : armeabi-v7a

Developer: Unknown
OU: "Google
Organization: "Google
Locality: Mountain View
State: CA
Country: US

Display : SMALL


APK Version History Google Translate .APK For Android

Google Translate 5.20.0.RC10.199570264 Download APK

Version : 5.20.0.RC10.199570264 (59220463) Android 2.3.2+

Update On : 2018-09-21T06:58:29+00:00

Downloads : 114

Signature : Google Translate 5.20.0.RC10.199570264(59220463) apk safe verified f543b6880cbf33c3a11086b546779397

Google Translate 5.23.0.RC04.211183448 APK Download

Version: 5.23.0.RC04.211183448 (59230463) Android 2.3.2+

Update on: 2018-09-17

Downloads: 45

Signature: Google Translate 5.23.0.RC04.211183448(59230463) apk safe verified 66e52a8040ec01276a67ebf89b1b4186

Google Translate 5.23.0.RC02.210583033 APK Download

Version: 5.23.0.RC02.210583033 (59230262) Android 2.3.2+

Update on: 2018-09-17

Downloads: 91266

Signature: Google Translate 5.23.0.RC02.210583033(59230262) apk safe verified afe0a3857803000d3b4ce44deb9584a8

Google Translate 5.22.0.RC04.206832067 APK Download

Version: 5.22.0.RC04.206832067 (59220463) Android 2.3.2+

Update on: 2018-08-24

Downloads: 179

Signature: Google Translate 5.22.0.RC04.206832067(59220463) apk safe verified f637ca3c779636ca1220c3dfcda7a18d