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Upgrade to get the FULL fuctions of the FIRST & the ONLY android launcher applying Real 3D Visual,Technology into interface design. Chance to experience the #1 ranked premium launcher in Google Play Store! Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite shows you how 3D dynamic effects and highly customizable home screen replacement app could redefine your Android device - Extend imagination, extend capabilities! You may upgrade to Full Version to break down time limits or start a 3D journey with limited trial period for all the premium features of Next Launcher. Join millions of users for ultimate and splendid operation experience and visual enjoyment of this special andriod home screen replacement! ■ Testimonials on Next Launcher 3D Shell “One of the most heavily customizable, fluid, and striking launchers we’ve ever seen here at Redmond Pie.” - Redmond Pie “A gorgeous app packed with dynamic effects and 3D elements. The gratifying 3D visual elements, transition effects, and gestures will get you a different and brilliant visual enjoyment and operation experience.” - .Topapps “The launcher features crazy 3D effects, turning any device you own into a futuristic Tron-centric trip. With additional themes and custom widgets downloadable from Google Play, it’s an extensive and extremely comprehensive option for someone looking to spice up their device.” - Droid-life ■ Basic Features - Extremely fancy 3D effect with buttery smooth experience - Efficient and powerful batch apps management with gestures - Stunning 3D screen preview with dazzling animation of screen switching - Keep releasing 3D Next widgets, 3D themes and live wallpapers special designed by GO Launcher Dev Team - Multi-select Apps to fulfill batch operation on Android launcher home ■ Premium Features - Real 3D Home Screen Transition Effects (Crystal, Cloth, Folding and more coming soon) - Build unique icon style by changing its size, angle, style and label (Icon Editor) - Combine all good parts from different themes into a single theme you really love (Theme Mix Mode) - See how cool your phone could be by blowing all the icons and the widgets to air space (Floating Mode) - Up to 8 different gestures available in home screen and app drawer - Enhanced shining border effects for home screen transition - Up to 7 rows on dock to shortcut all your favorites Watch Next Launcher 3D demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2KNJTZ_mhk ■ FAQ 1. Why I have to set Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite as default each time after some devices restarted? A bug in Android system 4.1.x causes the problem. If you happen to encounter this issue, please find "Next Launcher Patch" in Google Play and follow the instructions to apply it. 2. How to use icons in GO Launcher themes? Install a Go Launcher theme -> Click “Next Key”-> Click "Theme Mix" -> Click the shining desktop elements -> Find the GO Launcher theme and apply it. If you happen to find some theme cannot be applied, please send its name and your Next Launcher version to [email protected] We'll follow up ASAP. 3. Paid for premium features but could not activate them? Please reactivate them by check purchase record: Menu > Preference > Check purchase record OR enter activation code: Menu > Preference > Enter Activation Code > Enter authorized email and code ■ Follow Us Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NextLauncher Twitter: https://twitter.com/nextlauncher Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/3/104540424317126374535/posts Use of this app is governed by our Terms of Service: http://www.goforandroid.com/en/term-of-service.html and Privacy Policy: http://www.goforandroid.com/en/privacy-policy.html
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  • الروت السوري
    2018-08-09 12:19:10

    يغير ثيم الهاتف بشكل كامل و يصبح رائع جدا و لكنه لا يدعم ويدجيت تطبيقات الأجهزة الحديثة

  • Prasanna Venkatesh
    2017-08-15 04:14:05

    thank you

  • ‫علي العراقي‬‎
    2017-02-04 11:43:30

    نزلتهوا حاليا

  • 2016-11-04 10:06:31

    تطبيق رائع

  • 2016-10-12 00:02:09

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  • samu repxd
    2016-08-12 20:00:19

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  • Omar Omar
    2016-08-11 08:50:57

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  • Waleed Ansary
    2016-07-13 19:26:50

    نوع تليفونك ايه

  • Алексей Борман
    2016-07-11 23:23:35

    ваш next launcher ест много памяти в оперативе и нехочет вставать в кэш. поэтому его ставить и тем более покупать нет смысла. странно, что такой launcher сделан мастерами и они неучли сделать возможность поставить его в кэш!

  • Edward Llano
    2016-06-25 20:31:10

    el mejor launcher

  • Riyad Riyad
    2016-06-10 23:00:37

    جميل جدا جدا يستاهل 5 نجوم انا اول شي علقت من حبي له

  • Angel Polo
    2016-05-14 21:06:15

    hello can in help you good afstermon swamp :(;) gratitud ok

  • christy dass
    2016-05-12 03:31:13

    Very nice 3d dissing

  • gustavozappella
    2016-05-12 00:28:03

    install lucky patcher, patch & enjoy

  • Стругарю Ионел Александру
    2016-04-26 18:35:03

    Anyone know how to activate ?

  • Muktar Abdella Geda
    2016-04-07 11:05:38

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  • Amer Aldomyre
    2016-03-28 21:34:40

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    2016-03-12 16:07:55

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  • Ale natsu
    2016-03-05 13:30:38

    muito bom vale apena baixar , VC deixa o seu cel com uma ótima aparencia

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    2016-01-15 11:50:58

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    2016-01-01 07:14:24

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  • Ünlûčkÿ Søfįãnë
    2015-12-23 18:53:06

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  • Ünlûčkÿ Søfįãnë
    2015-12-23 18:52:28

    vert good app

  • yannick
    2015-12-14 20:49:32

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  • ‫السيد المحترم‬‎
    2015-11-29 17:19:35

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    2015-11-03 15:33:43

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  • Ana Medo
    2015-09-12 11:54:31

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  • Quinn Makoto
    2015-08-26 02:59:37

    Muito bom.

  • Moises Elias Nina Vargas
    2015-08-13 19:51:56

    OMG me recuerda al spb shell muy bueno

  • Zair Reyes Rebolledo
    2015-08-08 02:52:47

    esta chido pero porque esta en chino en ves que este en español

  • Jorgee Luis Muños Moreno
    2015-07-25 04:10:55

    es buena 5 estrellas

  • Tamiko2015
    2015-07-13 12:01:58

    Thank you very much for developers! Very pleased with the work and design of the launcher! I have a free version and I am unable to use all the functions, but it is still a decent job! I want to ask if you put premium content, then after downloading is not necessary to demand pay me exactly what happened, we must speak honestly and to the right of the user himself will decide! But otherwise COOL !!! I wish you further breakthroughs in design and so on!

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  • shiju roshni
    2015-06-25 04:18:37

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  • Juan carlos Oviedo Diaz Oviedo Diaz
    2015-05-07 15:50:35

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  • Juan carlos Oviedo Diaz Oviedo Diaz
    2015-05-07 15:50:06

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  • 2015-05-04 20:29:18

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  • Nicholas Lpz
    2015-05-02 18:17:34

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  • mehdi el alami
    2015-04-26 20:51:46

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  • mehdi el alami
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    2014-12-16 14:56:50

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  • Skull Buds
    2014-12-13 06:57:14

    how can I change thames in next launcher

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  • willy m
    2014-10-12 07:13:10

    Versione trial. Diocane!

  • Jonathan Precise
    2014-08-31 16:45:46

    Update: Tested this on a single-core powered, 512 MB Mem. android phone, and it works with no lag! Mostly any phone can run this!

  • Jonathan Precise
    2014-08-31 16:43:52

    THIS IS A REAL 3D LAUNCHER!!!!! If you don't think to change your launcher, think again. This thing is amazing! (NOTE: This is a trial version. You can get the full version from the play store)

  • Thyonat Fonseca
    2014-08-22 06:43:06

    Perfecto.... Perfeito...

  • Kevhin Glez
    2014-08-14 06:48:30

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  • Juan Carlos Molina Martinez
    2014-07-24 20:30:07

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    2014-07-19 19:29:38

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    2014-04-30 17:03:51

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    2014-04-22 23:28:39

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    2014-04-22 21:29:19

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    2014-01-30 10:41:23

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    2014-01-24 21:41:16

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  • Irfan Ahmad
    2014-01-20 22:18:33

    I love it thank you so much

  • Shawllim Lang
    2014-01-11 08:59:10

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  • Romeo Touchh
    2013-12-15 23:33:29

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  • Fabrizio Souza
    2013-12-02 19:23:26

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  • tio chucky
    2013-11-27 03:11:51

    se queda a mitad de la descarga y se cae la descarga eso si q no me gusta nada y descarge la apk full y no funciona no se los recomiendo :( esperaba mas de esta apk

  • bibi
    2013-11-01 08:13:02

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    2013-10-22 19:18:06

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    2013-09-14 15:32:21

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    2013-09-04 21:40:42

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    2013-08-27 12:18:26

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    2013-08-06 05:33:55

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    2013-07-21 02:48:28

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    2013-07-18 23:41:11

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    2013-06-28 09:50:03

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  • HTCsense
    2013-06-07 16:26:55

    Next Launcher 3D today (07.06.2013) available as a free app of the day. To get to enjoy the free full version you have to download the trial version. -settings -Click on "About the full version" -"Activate" button (is greyed out) -Enter Paypal account "nextlauncher3d" -In the next field "appoftheday" Enter

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