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The description of IQ Option broker: trade forex, CFD�s, bitcoin

Get involved in the world of trading, with this simple app. IQ Option broker: trade forex, CFD’s, bitcoin was created to make your life easier when wanting to get involved in the intelligent world of trading. With this simple interface and easy to use app, you will get a wide range of features and assets that will make even the life of the most demanding traders easier. Our app will show you the most popular Forex pairs, such as EUR/USD or GPB/USD as well as CFD’s on stocks from the biggest companies which include names as Apple and Facebook as well as on popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin. You will get all of these in a seamless mobile experience, with just one click on the app. IQ Option broker: trade forex, CFD’s, bitcoin also offers you the possibility to check or know more about negative balance protection, small spread and the most popular pairs of currency in your traderoom. Also, you will get access to a wide range of multipliers as well as the option of autoclose for your positions. When it comes to Cryptocurrency, you will join thousands of other traders as they are already thinking about other financial trends, as well as buy or sell cryptocurrencies with a single click starting from as little as 1 dollar. To get to know all the features IQ Option broker: trade forex, CFD’s, bitcoin has to offer you, including on CFD options, download the app now and start trading!
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    yo en lo particular si lo utilizaria

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  • Marcela Gaviria
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    2017-01-07 00:13:44

    good app but I prefer the older one

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    2016-12-03 13:37:13

    ياثنا القحبه

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    2016-12-02 18:42:23

    bueno amigo

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    felicidades por ese programa ahora veo todo por lo interesante.

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  • 2016-09-16 13:02:34

    this is so great application guys

  • Didier Didat
    2016-08-23 14:30:47

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    2016-07-28 15:57:17

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    2016-06-10 16:53:15

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  • Patrick-felix ANDRE
    2016-06-10 16:44:10

    rien à dire c'est impeccable chapeau

  • xaidhoon mohamed
    2016-01-12 20:01:31

    In demo i can make profit. But when i play the real one i can never make profit. that ia very funny i guess