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The description of Kids Place - Parental Control & Child Lock

An app launcher with parental controls & child lock that protects your personal data and restricts kids to apps you have approved. Kids Place Parental Control app also prevents children from downloading new apps, making phone calls, texting or performing other actions that can cost you money. In kids mode, children gets fun time and parents can get some much needed peace and free time. Trusted by millions of families.No internet connection; no email; no account creation and no payment required for app to work. Parental Control Features: ★ Only allow access to parents approved apps and blocks rest of the apps and settings. ★ Custom home screen displays only apps that parents have authorized ★ Can prevent children from buying or downloading new apps ★ Capable of blocking incoming calls when Kids Place is running ★ Capable of disabling all wireless signals while Kids Place is running ★ Toddler Lock - Auto restarts apps accidentally stopped by small children, allowing parents to stay focused on their own tasks. ★ Appropriate for children of all ages - babies, toddlers & teenagers ★ Plugins - Kids Place provides additional parental controls for Website content filtering; Videos and Pictures via plug-in based design. Please go to setting > plug ins to access these features. ★ Converts any Phone or Tablet into Kids Mode. Premium Features (requires In-App purchase): ★ Time Lock - Timer feature to lock apps after specified amount of time. ★ Advance timer to control screen time for kids. This is designed to be used as a permanent schedule based timer. User can select daily limits for using tablet or phone or specific Kids Place categories or individual approved apps inside Kids Place Parental Control app. Parents can also specify during what time slots in a day the apps will not be allowed to use. For example parents can set that device can be only used for 2 hours a day and only during 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM time range on weekdays and 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM during weekends. ★ Run in background mode. Kids Place will not be used as a launcher or home screen. Suitable for older kids or on ★ Add custom wallpaper to customize your child’s experience employees device to be used with stock launcher or as Kiosk Mode for businesses. ★ Added option to always start on reboot. ★ Support Multiple User Profiles. ★ Ability to block app uninstall. ★ Customize App Title ★ Brute Force PIN Entry protection. Home; Back; Search and Call buttons are locked so that kid cannot get out of the Kids Place or make phone calls. *************************************************** Permission Explanations: ★This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This is completely optional but is requested in case parents wants to tamper proof the app for kids. ★ Internet Access/ Network State: Used only for Google Analytics library. Very minimal data transferred. ★ Phone Call – Only to detect incoming phone calls. We do not make any calls form the app or read any phone data. ★ Global System/Tools Settings - For wireless communications disablement, if selected in setting; enforcing app locking; locking on restart (currently disabled) ★ Kill Background Process – Used to stop apps on exit. ★ Google Billing Service – For in-app purchase to buy premium features. *********************************************** Other Notes: ★ Parents can try this app as another tool to protect again Blue Whale Game app. ★ Please note that no parental control app or software can replace a watchful eye. This app can not 100% protect your kid but can serve as one of many tools and practices to help your family use the device more safely. ★ This Kids Place app is only allowed for personal use. Please contact us for licensing options at [email protected] for commercial use (Kiosk, employee device security, educational institutes, pre-installs) of this app. User Guide: http://kiddoware.com/kids-place-user-manual/ FAQ: http://kiddoware.com/faq/
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