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The description of Talon for Twitter

Created with at its core, includes stunning layouts, eye catching animations, and that buttery smoothness you should expect from the latest and greatest apps. On top of that, so that you can focus on the content! gives you everything you could ever need to experience . Oh, and did I mention: it is the highest rated app on the Play Store! Here's what makes it so special: •  theme engine for fine-grained color control. •  Completely custom swipe-able pages for the main screen. Want a list or saved search for easy access? No problem! Don't use direct messages? Go ahead and take them out. Choose what you want to see and where you want to see it. •  and . •  option to get the most out of your screen space. •  Follow threads and view replies to any tweet! •  Have favorite users? See only their tweets or have options to get notified whenever they post a new tweet! •  Powerful mute options for users, retweets, hashtags, clients, and expressions. •  Support for 2 accounts. •  Easily see who has quoted, liked, or retweeted any tweet! •  Use to keep your timeline position between multiple devices! •  Use our awesome readability-style browser for the best web experience of any app. •  Play videos and GIFs without leaving your timeline! •  Search for the perfect GIF from . •  Crop, rotate, and zoom to get the perfect photo before you post it! •  Native , GIF, and video playback. •  Advanced - and - tweet filtering on profiles, so you can choose what type of tweets you want to see, from that user! •  app to view, like, retweet, and reply to new tweets on your timeline, without having to take out your phone. •  Widgets to view the home timeline, mentions, and unread counts. All this, plus so much more. This is and like you've never seen. Bold and beautiful. All material, all speed. Try it today! I am sure you will never go back. ------ Have questions? Check out Talon's help documents: http://klinkerapps.com/talon-overview/help Then, check out Talon's webpage: http://klinkerapps.com/talon-overview If you are a developer, despite being a paid app, Talon is open-source. Check it out: https://github.com/klinker24/talon-for-twitter-android Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns - I am @lukeklinker on Twitter, and love to hear from my users!
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APK Version History Talon for Twitter .APK For Android

  • Daniel Amaya
    2018-03-19 18:20:12

    A mí me funciona de maravilla 👌

  • Николай Малохвей
    2017-03-12 22:03:52

    Норм прога

  • mLazkano
    2016-08-01 13:58:01

    Has conseguido que te funcione?

  • Braian V
    2016-07-30 22:23:11

    es falsa. No es talon. cuidado! be careful, this is not talon!

  • Pedro José Rodríguez Quero
    2016-07-27 18:21:54

    Tuve que desinstalar la versión anterior para instalar esta y luego no inicia sesión en twitter

  • Pepa
    2016-07-12 10:45:24

    It's an app that offers you popular apps and anything else!

  • yuchan_2
    2016-07-03 13:49:32

    Fake app. Don't download Aptoide, you need better file scanner

  • alfandul.mechanic
    2016-05-25 16:42:25

    Hi! Why not update this app to 4.10.0 version, please?

  • alfandul.mechanic
    2016-05-14 20:35:32

    Hi! Why not update this app to 4.10.0 version? We need it, please!

  • - Nam Bich남빛
    2016-03-03 16:16:03

    Needs license.

  • Adrian Fernandez
    2016-01-31 14:30:56

    Thank you. Continue this!!! Good app.

  • Laksh Cakraborty
    2015-09-26 09:37:26

    Which patch do you have to use?

  • Mahdi Ameri
    2015-09-18 05:45:41

    Hello is very good software thanks 👑

  • Antonio Jobs Zanasi
    2015-09-03 06:08:33

    It can not ' work if you do not use a patch . it is necessary to remove license checking with lucky patcher

  • najodleglejszy
    2015-08-28 19:00:07

    as Carlos said, you need to use Lucky Patcher on it. works perfectly!

  • xajolaxonxajolaxon
    2015-08-09 12:29:18


  • Mak Rider
    2015-08-09 10:50:48

    Adertisement only

  • Andrea
    2015-08-09 10:36:20

    detects license

  • Antony
    2015-08-06 00:03:51

    Hola, no puedo actualizar a ésta versión, me da error, poseo la versión 3.0.3, pues ésta no me dió problemas de error. Saludos y espero pronta respuesta !

  • Omar
    2015-06-07 03:21:56

    Lucky patcher doesn't work

  • Antony
    2015-05-18 00:51:49

    Hi! I can't update, Apk it's not found, why?

  • eshansingh1
    2015-04-25 09:12:27

    Just needs a quick Lucky Patcher license fix.

  • Carlos
    2015-04-23 18:06:45

    use lucky patcher for removing license check

  • Maaike Vliet
    2015-04-22 18:20:57

    cant log in

  • waqar
    2015-04-20 20:43:35

    Need license. " Twitter Error (112): The Play Store license verification has failed. I will let you work out for yourself what that may mean."

  • Rocco Doe
    2015-04-09 00:08:08

    Ya valió, no se puede acceder. Se necesita licencia.

  • Guillermo Cordero
    2015-03-29 16:53:02

    Try lucky patcher

  • Raj Rajeshwar
    2015-03-23 13:25:53

    It is worst ever app not working. whatever be the reason but not even log in to twitter.

  • sgj1
    2015-03-10 02:11:04

    No license

  • dani
    2015-03-04 06:41:17

    No tiene licencia

  • Kenny Woodard
    2015-03-04 01:46:54

    This version is not working. App fails Play Store verification.

  • Antony
    2015-02-03 11:49:33

    Hi! Hey, right now, there is a new version 2.0.0, update it, please....best regards!

  • Antony
    2015-02-01 15:06:50

    Hi, why not update to the 1.4.3 version? please, U can do it. Best regards and I love this app!

  • Antony
    2015-02-01 15:02:13

    Hi! Why not update to the 1.4.3 version, please U can do it... Best wishes!

  • alfandul.mechanic
    2015-02-01 14:55:32

    Hi! I need the version 1.4.3 please... Best regards!

  • 윤정로
    2015-01-21 03:16:28

    it can't login.

  • Jose Pedraja
    2015-01-11 05:49:43

    login fail error code: 112 este nuevo update incluye un administrador de licencias, pero al 1.3.0 NO!! instalen la versión anterior

  • Filippos Papalitsas
    2015-01-09 19:52:31

    Login fail.

  • rmdhn
    2014-11-25 17:21:01

    Please release beta version = 1.2.0

  • rmdhn
    2014-11-25 17:20:47

    Please release beta version = 1.2.0

  • rmdhn
    2014-11-25 17:20:27

    Please release new beta version = 1.2.0

  • rmdhn
    2014-11-25 17:19:42

    Please release beta version = 1.2.0