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African Tiger Shooter 3D is most addictive shooting game for your tablet or smartphone. Hunting Tigers in different valleys, safari jungle and forest will make you extreme fun. If you feel you are a Tiger hunter and would love to shoot and kill them, this is the right place for you. Sniper rifle will be provided to you to explore the jungle and valley will give you a chance to keep hunting real tigers kill them. You will be a soldier with well-equipped arms like sniper and rifle to hunt the African tigers. The real 3D environment and the real sound effects will increase your interest. Gameplay You will have different levels with various difficulties. In each level you your aim is to hunt the hidden tigers and shoot with your sniper within time. Make sure that tigers does not Touches you at all as it will decrease your energy level and can reduce the mission success chances. You will have two joysticks at main game screen. Once can be use to move forward, backward, left or right, and another once for up, down or to move round. While roaming in valley and jungle, your safety is the most important fact so be careful. Features * Real 3D environment * 3D Jungle * 3D Valley and forest, * Deadly Animated African Tigers * Shooting Tigers with Sniper Rifle. * 10 Challenging mission and more to come * Powerful weapons * High definition 3D video graphics.
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