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Keep your device 100% secure with Lookout Security & Antivirus. When it comes to security, the Lookout Security & Antivirus app is the complete package and helps you make sure the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to is safe. Lookout Security & Antivirus helps you figure out if your apps are virus free. It will continuously scan the software you installed and make sure no viruses or malware get into your phone. It also checks your phone’s root and makes sure everything is working as it should. Did you lose your phone? The app will help you find it on a map and make it sound an alarm, even if it’s on silent. Don’t worry. If your device’s battery is empty, the app will remember its location. Lookout Security & Antivirus can also be used to backup all your contacts, so you can export them to wherever you want. Here are some advantages of the premium version of the app: Get notified as soon as there’s a slight chance of your Wi-Fi connection not being trustworthy and block dangerous URLs. Receive detailed reports about the apps or services that tried to breach your security. Always be on top of those who are trying to disrupt your privacy. Did someone use your phone without your authorization? You will get notified via email with a picture of the person who did it and their location. You can even remotely turn off your device and send a personalized message to the person holding it. Not only can you back up your contacts but also your pictures and call log and get Premium technical support when you need it. Lookout Security & Antivirus is the app you need to protect the privacy and condition of your Android device.
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APK Version History Lookout Security & Antivirus .APK For Android

    2017-05-05 15:56:05

    Hello beautiful

  • Adnan Komliezert
    2016-02-24 15:47:19

    The best of the best , trust me 😊

  • Abedin Hajdari
    2015-12-22 01:05:31

    please can anyone tell me why this app cant not unnistalled ?

  • saiprasanna gali
    2015-10-25 15:23:47

    premium please

  • Fáábio Dé León
    2015-10-05 04:18:48

    esta buenisimo

  • imanol bega
    2015-08-28 06:32:00

    hi hola como estan

  • Monty Imtazz Barker
    2015-08-04 15:53:49

    This app has allowed me to do ALL that it says it can do. But most of all I (I M TAZZ) have been able to get back my SAMSUNG GALAXY MEGA 3 times. 1x stolen, 2x accidentally left. It has been both a life & money saver. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this GREAT APP.

  • Mohammed Khusro
    2015-05-16 22:28:15

    best apps but i need a premium one.

  • Zuber Khan Khan Zuber
    2015-04-26 06:52:53

    this is the best anti virus i like it.....

  • Aneil Salh
    2014-11-30 12:11:05

    That was your own fault then.

  • ivan bru
    2014-11-29 17:07:42

    it doesn't have the license

  • jorge
    2014-09-01 13:00:30

    Me ha ido perfecto, la idea es eliminar la licencia de prueba

  • johnnnyk
    2014-06-22 02:38:35

    this does nothing to warn of bad sites I was hijacked right under its nose complete junk.

  • hTc oNeD
    2014-04-26 18:32:21

    Avg vs Lookout,avg detected 3 theats Lookuot 0,bye bye Lookout !!!!!

  • hTc oNeD
    2014-04-22 16:10:20

    need premium version,not free version

  • alaaaldeen95
    2014-03-11 18:17:06

    مرحبا بكم جيد جدا

  • Taha Wally
    2014-01-03 11:48:31

    cool apps thanks

  • tecles
    2013-10-30 15:07:22

    Si, pero éste es igual al ke hay en google play, por lo ke no adelantamos nada.

  • llo.1123
    2013-10-16 18:51:11


  • llo.1123
    2013-10-16 18:51:08


  • Rambodse
    2013-09-30 21:07:50

    Very Strong

  • masterfabio1.2
    2013-07-19 01:15:57

    not the premium version;(

  • jose663ja
    2013-07-18 21:16:45

    una de las mejores app le conozco

  • autodestruccion2011
    2013-06-26 19:11:09

    es muy bueno

  • flanay1
    2013-06-09 21:30:16

    Adoro esse app protecao total obrigada

  • alochowicz1
    2013-05-09 14:08:12

    najlepszy antywirus na androida

  • jua.galeon
    2013-05-02 06:29:49

    versión lite. te remite a premium comprandola y te ofrecen 14 dias de prueba gratis de la premium.

  • fahdgawbal
    2013-05-02 02:04:26

    للاسف ليست نسخه المدفوعه

  • rixxy24
    2013-04-28 09:07:43

    Even standard lookout apk via play store slows my nexus7 i use avg.

  • melaniefegan
    2013-03-21 00:43:37

    Is this the Premium version?

  • geronieallen
    2013-01-04 00:33:23

    like this it's the best

  • joslynmars
    2012-10-31 10:16:51

    thought you were going to call

  • renay209
    2012-09-27 18:48:25

    Absolutely love this app.. Wudnt and cudnt live without it.. Thanx mtp!!!

  • mohammd.salimi.1359
    2012-08-10 09:31:08


  • mohammd.salimi.1359
    2012-08-10 09:30:27


  • fhdez26
    2012-08-06 12:49:02

    Like Features & Services Given.

  • lntgnc
    2013-02-01 17:49:43

    Good. Thanks

  • John Cole
    2011-09-13 16:09:11

    this one offers a great protection against spywares and malwares, a "must" in my android