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3 modes to perfectly match your needs: "11pets: Pet Care" for families with pets "11pets: Groomer" for professional groomers "11pets: Adopt" for Animal Welfare Organizations Just connect according to your role, family, professional groomer or shelter 11pets: pet care offers everything you need for the best care of your pets. Remember, Monitor, and Care for all of your pet care needs, ranging from everyday tasks, medical incidents to important medical data and health records keeping. 11pets truly provides that second hand we all look for when caring for our furry friends. Whether you need reminders for cat care, help managing your dog’s injections, or simply organize your animal’s health, 11pets and its over 50 features has everything you need to take the best daily care of your dog, cat, rabbit, bird or snake in the most efficient way. Access your data anywhere, anytime, even when you are offline. Completely Free Pet App + Secure backups/ to the cloud + No internet connection needed The application takes care of everything that matters: •  Manage pet medications by logging and setting reminders for medications •  Stay on top with your animal care duties by scheduling reminders for vaccinations, de-wormings and hygiene •  Never lose track with food tracking, grooming, ear and teeth cleaning •  Detailed food section with reminders •  Detailed supply tracking to keep track with your food supply levels •  Complete medical history including x-rays, lab results, blood tests and many more •  Monitor vital metrics such as weight, height and temperature •  Follow-up symptoms using logged records, photos, and notes •  Maintain vet and key pet care professionals data safely stored •  Secure cloud backups of your data and photos With 11pets 3 pillars: remember, monitor, and care, you are sure to be on top of everything. Specifically: REMEMBER 11pets makes sure not to let any aspect of their care slip through the cracks. Get daily automatic reminders on every aspect of your pets care, from their important appointments, to their everyday needs. And with over 50 pre-defined categories for scheduling,11pets allows you to set reminders for: •  Food tracking •  Medication •  Internal De worming •  External deworming •  Vaccinations •  Bathing •  Nail Clipping •  Ear Cleaning •  Teeth Cleaning •  Grooming MONITOR 11pet care app enables you to easily log and monitor all of your pets’ most important medical records, lab results and health data. This way, you’re always prepared for any present or future incidents. •  Pet height •  Pet weight •  Pet temperature •  Estrous Cycles •  Pet allergies •  Genetic Tests •  Pet Lab Tests •  Medical incidents •  Lab Documents •  Manage Dog Injections •  Manage Cat Care Records CARE 11pets makes scheduling bath times, grooming, food and supply tracking easy. Never stress out again about supplies running out, or when to schedule your pet’s next bath! Just create your own pet care calendar, and 11pets helps you stick to your schedule. Specifically: •  Food tracking •  Bathing •  Nail Clipping •  Ear Cleaning •  Teeth Cleaning •  Pet Grooming
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