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Action! RCU app allows to control Action! on your PC with Android mobile devices! With Action! you can record and LIVE stream your PC gameplays and Windows desktop. With RCU you can control all basic recording functions of Action!, you can start, stop, pause video recordings and display recorded webcams preview, framerate statistics and video recording time. With Action! RCU you can hide Action! HUD on your PC and display it only on your mobile device. Try now, Action! RCU app is free and Action! recorder software for PC is available as a free 30-day trial. Action! RCU Key features: - displays games, applications and Windows desktop FPS information - video recording control: start, stop and pause functions - LIVE streaming control: start and stop functions - displays recorded webcams preview - displays games 3D engine (DX8, DX9, DX10, DX11 or OpenGL) - displays free disk space on your PC - easy connection process Getting started: - Install Action! software on your PC (min. ver. required 1.24.0) - Install Action! RCU app on your device - Run Action! on your PC and make sure to enable Action! RCU (General Settings) - Run Action! RCU mobile app - Enjoy! Minimum Requirements: - Minimum Android 4.1 - Action! software (min. version 1.24.0) installed on Windows PC - Mobile device and PC must be connected to the same local network
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