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Version: 2.1 (21)

Package: com.mwiacek.apn
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Target: Froyo 2.2.x API level 8, NDK 4
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APN 2.1 APK Download By Marcin Wiącek

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In APN 2.1

2.1 - fixes + option for exporting internal device database to file 2.0 - data are saved in the XML file (internal or external), fixes 1.12 - 'Set APN data' with log, 'Add APN data' adds 'apndroid' too, checkbox for enabling/disabling Internet, deleting option connected with flight mode 1.11 - small fixes 1.10 - added option for setting APN after disabling flight mode 20121027 - Virgin mobile ...

In APN 2.1


Android set APNs according to SIM card network code, application makes it according to network code and network name saved on the SIM card. FOR FULL FUNCTONALITY IT REQUIRES SETTING AS SYSTEM APPLICATON IN ANDROID 4.x Currently: 1. shows system Internet/MMS settings database 2. contains internal database for Polish networks (Plus, mBank mobile,, heyah, Orange, Play, Aero2, Manta Mobile, Red Bull MOBILE, FM GROUP MOBILE, Virgin mobile, INEA) 3. can use internal database (you can export it) or external file with data 4. can setup APNs manually, on the start or when network type change 5. can disable Internet by adding 'apndroid' on the APN name end for example when network is not LTE (it allows for controlling costs for example in Polish Play and Red Bull) 6. for some DualSIM phones (like i9192) show some 2nd SIM card data Permissions: 1. WRITE_APN_SETTINGS - for changing APN in each Android version and getting APN in Android 4.2 and later 2. RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - to start after system start 3. READ_PHONE_STATE - reading SIM card and network info 4. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE i READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - saving and reading file with data

Developer: Marcin Wiacek
Country: PL
sha1: B2A4F81567C1271689A4BB2D1E93C9495C7A3647
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