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Features: - customizable playlists views: list (maximum functionality), icons or titles, for each playlist; - customizable channel search in all playlists; - customizable case-insensitive search of TV-shows in the EPG; - different color-themes; - parental control; NATIVE PLAYER To make the application work really fast, we made it completely native - all graphics and files stored inside of the APK file, in this case each time user navigate through menus or zapping the channels - he doesn't need to download nothing more, the application will download all automatically on the first load. LOW CPU & RAM LOAD We spent some nights without sleeping, figuring out how to make this app work for real on any device. So we optimized and optimized and optimized - Those days you can find application that works with the speed of the light and not make too much demands from the device that using it. Avg system usage of our Android IPTV solution is only 8%. ANY ANDROID DEVICE After doing some market research we understood that there are people that using all kind of Android devices, from the latest phones, stbs ad tablets up to the very old machines. That's why we have putted on our dashboard a Task to make our Android IPTV solution to work on any device - for real, on any android device (version 4+)
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  • Walid K Hamdan
    2016-07-14 21:02:59

    please why doesn't it work on my WiFi net even lt high speed but it works on the net of mobile