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The ultimate cleaning machine for your Android mobile. Our mobile phones and tablets help us speed up everything we want. However, our constant use also slows them down. Therefore, it is important for us to make sure they are always junk-free. Thankfully, Piriform, the makers of popular PC and Mac cleaning software, now bring you CCleaner. This robust cleaning app removes all the junk, reclaims the space, tracks the performance of the system and helps you browse securely. There are several reasons why CCleaner is a must-have for your Android device: Optimizes the performance with powerful clean-up: The app removes all junk files safely, cleans up the cache, browser history, clipboard content as well custom deletes call logs and SMS in order to speed up your phone. Get back unutilized storage space: Uninstall unwanted applications easily and free up precious space on your tablet or mobile. Simple and easy: A clean, friendly and intuitive interface ensures you can navigate and perform functions in just a few taps. More importantly, the app consumes very little memory, which makes it highly efficient and fast. Track your performance: Monitor the CPU usage, track your RAM and internal storage space and check the battery levels and temperature. Why stick to slow phones or tablets? Download CCleaner now and enhance the performance of your device.
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APK Version History CCleaner .APK For Android

  • Craig Bell
    2018-12-18 13:34:47

    you may need avast cleaner as well as this

  • Pietro GaMeplays
    2018-08-25 13:50:02


  • Pietro GaMeplays
    2018-08-25 13:49:35


  • Absolument Amertume
    2018-06-20 08:54:39


  • Soy mierda
    2018-02-20 22:23:30

    esto es para limpiar tu celu boludo

  • Soy mierda
    2018-02-20 22:21:06

    cállate esto es para limpiar tu celu Boluda

  • alejandro montero (alexanderm14)
    2018-01-04 11:03:54

    necesario instalar Lucky patchwork aún sin root para full

  • Gat Gat
    2017-11-18 17:58:09


  • LuQ
    2017-07-04 11:49:40


  • Phillip Good
    2017-06-14 10:40:04

    I'm I'm sure

  • Paul madrid
    2017-05-15 17:04:15


  • Paul madrid
    2017-05-15 17:02:49


  • Paul madrid
    2017-05-15 17:03:17


  • Paul madrid
    2017-05-15 17:03:52


  • Paola Andrea cardozo
    2017-01-17 21:31:42

    quiero para descargar c cleaner

  • 2016-10-29 21:46:43

    it's very good

  • 2016-10-19 18:37:36

    حلووو حوووب

  • 2016-10-16 18:43:51

    esse ap é ótimo Cara ❤❤

  • Christopher Gonzaga
    2016-09-06 17:47:35

    nossa app muito bom mesmo acreditem eu tenho 1.64 GB de espaço interno e quando eu fiquei com 175MB de espaço livre eu istalei e limpei tudo mano eu fiquei com 738 MB livre e tá aí até agora muito bom mesmo 👍👍👍👍

  • alan
    2016-06-12 11:02:28

    new app mod for store ctaos5

  • علي ديماريه
    2016-05-27 10:16:40

    اي صحيح هوه ا

  • Jsaputra
    2016-05-27 08:41:13

    Lol....scan custom files and folder back to Root, if not this app can not scan otg device. Root grant access scan removable storage for user. update your app. enak dah kalau gue install dan cobain app plus review walaupun jadul device. he...he...

  • Jsaputra
    2016-05-27 08:19:31

    Sudah Bagus nih versi, gue kasih coba scan EXTERNAL HDD 500 Giga multi partition - siapapun yang punya Asus Padfone keep stay in original jangan ikutin update Google play service, entar device lu jadi sampah.

  • marlon239
    2016-04-24 01:06:20

    funciona bien, pero al compararla con la de pc, le faltan muchas características por desarrollar....

  • Chris Villarreal
    2016-04-04 19:55:45

    muy buena y util

  • Mônica Silva Alves
    2016-02-16 23:35:32


  • Mahdi Ameri
    2015-09-12 12:15:51

    Hello is very good software thanks 👑

  • Agustin Navarro
    2015-08-15 15:47:36

    !!soy el primero!! :)

  • Andrea Stellato
    2015-02-21 07:48:15

    fa il suo lavoro

  • Devince
    2014-12-11 05:44:47

    Les recomiendo que descarguen esta app, es un excelente limpiador para android :)

    2014-11-02 20:34:05

    Cumple perfectamente con su función de limpieza.

  • Dell
    2014-10-25 03:04:44

    Cool. Endlich gibt's ccleaner auch für Android geräte. Ich benutze das schon seit jahren für den PC und das ist immer noch der #1 cleaner. Danke...

  • salehali
    2014-08-21 00:43:29

    تم تعريبه

  • Itzel de Duarte
    2014-06-22 15:37:37

    Me gustó, una muy buena app!

  • Fred
    2014-04-17 22:18:14

    I updated this one, enjoy! :)