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Have the power to imagine? Roblox is the place for you. Welcome to the world’s largest social platform that’s designed for play. Here over 48 million gamers gather every month to immerse themselves into fascinating 3D worlds. While a community of over 1.7 million creators produce an entire universe of mind-boggling experiences using Roblox Studio – the intuitive desktop tool. Countless user-generated games: Unlike the real world, there are many different things you can do in a day on Roblux. Learn to run business empires, participate in rally car races or even fight wars. Life has never been this interesting. The world’s largest team of online multiplayers: Every day, millions of gamers share this same platform from different devices like laptops, tablets or smartphones. When it comes to multiplayers, it’s more the merrier. Be who you want to be: Pick your own persona and style your avatar with thousands of different looks, accessories and wardrobes. Chat with friends: Never a miss a moment with your friends as you play. Use in-game chats, private messaging and group chats to stay connected. Free-to-play: The best part of Roblox is that it’s absolutely free-to-play with optional in-app purchases. Note: Roblox is free to download and install, but players can also use real money to purchase Robux (our virtual currency on Roblox) to spend on in-game upgrades or accessories for their avatar. Players can also purchase an optional Builders Club membership for extra privileges and a daily Robux stipend (tap the More tab at the bottom of the screen in the app, and then Builders Club to learn more). Roblox needs a network connection and works best over Wi-fi. Have an account? Login to your existing Roblox account and play on the go! Support: https://en.help.roblox.com/hc/en-us Contact: https://corp.roblox.com/contact/ Privacy policy https://www.roblox.com/info/privacy Parent’s guide: https://corp.roblox.com/parents/
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APK Version History ROBLOX .APK For Android

  • Debora Martina
    2019-09-21 22:45:43

    vdd vc ta certa esses idiota tao tudo errado eles nao viram a descriçao na verdade ele é um game cheio de outros games

  • Gaming Channel
    2019-09-15 17:25:27


  • Xxxmontar Abcd
    2019-09-14 15:02:37

    all th ese bots

  • Xxxmontar Abcd
    2019-09-14 15:01:56

    fake its two people saying so its bots

  • Mousa Salloum
    2019-09-09 14:31:04

    your writ ever best game EVER!

  • ♤MAITWO♤
    2019-09-08 17:52:12

    reply dude , pubg is waay better , whoever thought pewds was right , fortnite it 4 babys but some how, i kinda like both

  • 2019-09-07 00:18:07

    Bruh fortnite is taking over but I'm on your Roblox is awesome

  • mega Ricardo 999 Pinto
    2019-09-04 23:56:45


  • Christina Conway
    2019-09-04 21:43:10

    this game is ass and laggy

  • Sebastian Espinoza Burgos
    2019-09-02 01:40:39

    tu eres un asco

  • Withered Bonnie
    2019-08-31 18:42:14

    hijo de puta roblox n es un asco solo la gente que critica a roblox da asco ese tipo de gente como tu

  • Rafaelrafinha Gonçalves
    2019-08-29 19:58:24


  • Norik Restelica
    2019-08-28 20:56:29

    so you can eat my sweet big dick so fuck off you are a fucking idiot if you don't like it you can just fuck off so don't trash talk to roblox little shit

  • bakoblndkamal
    2019-08-28 19:04:28

    same it is getting so bad we are all getting so angry

  • ♤MAITWO♤
    2019-08-28 17:22:09

    What about pubg

  • Appliac
    2019-08-28 11:46:07

    Me too

  • DepressedWords
    2019-08-27 20:36:16

    come on, just update so we can play.

  • drex christophe
    2019-08-27 19:49:20

    sa me le fait aussi, moi je desinstal et je réinstale

  • Jyans Henry
    2019-08-27 19:44:27


  • Jyans Henry
    2019-08-27 19:43:37


  • hedge hog
    2019-08-27 17:58:08

    seriously all you do in minecraft is just build houses mine stuff like that Fuck you and minecraft

  • bsjaiajwbsjususuuwuwui8272772
    2019-08-27 14:29:29

    your right

  • Ebrar Vuthaj
    2019-08-27 10:07:31


  • Ali Ali
    2019-08-26 22:02:05

    don't be mean to roblox

  • Norik Restelica
    2019-08-26 21:50:17

    blin i qim nane je

  • hedge hog
    2019-08-26 18:01:04

    I think you should get a life minecraft always dosent work on my device fu** off

  • Foxgamer pro
    2019-08-26 15:16:35

    oye,¿a ti te sale el anuncio de que lo tienes que actualizar?

  • isabela._.gacha
    2019-08-26 14:49:41

    eu também não ;--;

  • Luan Palomera
    2019-08-25 20:07:11

    roblox studio es para pc o computadora

  • subot boi
    2019-08-25 09:34:25

    dude i found that new version of roblox if u want tell me

  • Ingrid Prado
    2019-08-25 02:51:18

    ponha qualquer data

  • Ingrid Prado
    2019-08-25 02:50:49

    sem ofensa o sotro sabe que vai te que escrever o nome e a senha não precisa ensinar ninguém e burro

  • Kekeprincess
    2019-08-25 00:26:34


  • Thatcher
    2019-08-24 21:12:47

    Get us a fuckin update cause some of us need it

  • ouro Hur5
    2019-08-24 14:45:53

    moi aussi g le meme pb avec roblox mais je sais comment il faut faire pour trouver la solution. Vu que pour jouer à roblox il faut un compte tu dois désinstaller roblox et tu réinstalle roblox puis tu te connecte et le jeu marchera. Mets un Mike si ca marche 😊

  • michelle p.reyes r.
    2019-08-24 02:22:58

    no me sirve ni en sitios web •-•

  • Davisito Velasquez Bonilla
    2019-08-23 22:36:38

    hola yo también tengo algo de gay

  • darkhy 971
    2019-08-23 19:02:08

    vous avez pas la dernière aproide donne la 2.395 et la dernière est 2.397

  • darkhy 971
    2019-08-23 19:01:05

    elle ne est pas arriver dans notre pays :(

  • Pasar Nizar Doski
    2019-08-23 18:52:32

    can you update everyone are angry

  • 2019-08-23 16:53:37

    why WHY WHY CAN I not play Roblox because of this update???

  • 2019-08-23 15:26:24

    So true I've been waiting fir it to update again ugh

  • GeineBermudez
    2019-08-23 15:25:14

    Se quita cuando entro con mi cuenta

  • mimipuppy😗
    2019-08-23 14:19:49

    meu deus é que bem não instalei a versão antiga

  • Dragonmaster Jadon lll
    2019-08-23 10:53:12

    me to and im on mobile and it keep say either Roblox needs update or roblox has on unfortunately stopped

  • Gavin Buening
    2019-08-23 01:31:20

    and without roblox my career as a youtuber whou be in the toilet I cant live without it and I cant wich to fortnight cuz it sucks

  • Gavin Buening
    2019-08-23 01:29:40

    srry ok I go to not ok I go thi

  • Didi2589
    2019-08-22 20:32:08

    I know right

  • 2019-08-22 17:36:41

    Moi aussi j'ai le même problème. C'est vraiment embétent

  • Crystal Life
    2019-08-22 14:49:11

    Same! Give us the update, please! I have a job at a cafe there in roblox!

  • Terrion Hollis
    2019-08-22 11:22:43


  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:20:30

    oh yeah

  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:19:48

    prr pá vai as definições 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:18:29

    isso foi muito até porque só escrevi quando comecei a ler isso

  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:17:33

    pois estive sempre a tentar fazer isso

  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:16:37

    pois eu queria

  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:15:51

    kkkkkkkkkk o quê kkkkkkkkk

  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:15:07

    não vão te fazer coisas más a tua conta Cuidado... só tu teres um gift card... já foste?kkkkkk

  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:12:12


  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:11:59

    viciou no Facebook... morreu

  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:11:29

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk deste 5+kkkkk estrelas😂

  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:10:46

    morreu o cara disso

  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:10:01

    sim meu também faz e fez sempre T😂P

  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:07:51

    e meu jogo favorito.Descubristes

  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:06:56

    terás um belo futuro

  • leoSonic50
    2019-08-22 08:04:18

    é verdade e a nova versão não está cá só depois de lerem isto é q vão fazer 9pá

  • rafa dafa
    2019-08-22 05:33:56


  • rafa dafa
    2019-08-22 05:33:37


  • rafa dafa
    2019-08-22 05:25:13

    betul keren

  • rafa dafa
    2019-08-22 05:23:49

    mantap jiwa ni game

  • Naomi Yescas
    2019-08-22 02:28:13

    hola una pregunta como apareces en roblox?

  • cadelafofinha
    2019-08-21 22:09:03

    como ganha robux? por vavo me esplica

  • lokisyt
    2019-08-21 21:33:03

    compra gift card

  • lokisyt
    2019-08-21 21:31:47

    é verdade nunca vi um jogo popular que nem esse só o free fire que vi o numero de jente que abaixo mais de um bilhao

  • lokisyt
    2019-08-21 21:30:34

    como não vai para de atualizar se eles tão colicando coisas tops👌👌 no catalogo e resolvendo os bugs nas atualizações

  • lokisyt
    2019-08-21 21:29:16

    olha coloca um codigo de gift card e coloca seu cpf ai vai sua compra vai ser realizada e tu ja tem os robux la é so reiniciar a pagina

  • lokisyt
    2019-08-21 21:28:08

    o robrox é bem legal seu lixo vai recrama dos bugs não do robrox

  • lokisyt
    2019-08-21 21:27:35

    mano compra um gift card para tu colocar o codigo se não fazer isso nunca ganha robux mesmo

  • lokisyt
    2019-08-21 21:26:14

    ei você ta recramando do robrox ele é muito bom mais tu não ver que ainda não consetaram ums bugs o robrox é nota 10 tu que só recramou

  • Pablo Wictor
    2019-08-20 21:06:46


  • Pablo Wictor
    2019-08-20 21:06:11

    to nei ai pra vc

  • menino viciado iu
    2019-08-19 19:13:16

    otário e quem fala

  • BiasCactus
    2019-08-19 16:18:49

    Ok sure!

  • sergio henrique
    2019-08-17 14:50:14

    el juego Roblox

  • Fathun Kareem
    2019-08-17 03:52:51

    did you back?😠😠

  • Fathun Kareem
    2019-08-17 03:52:50

    did you back?😠😠

  • SaphiraMerdragon
    2019-08-16 01:51:45

    if you had a dick you wouldn't be writing this you can't even spell and your probably what like 12? YOU AREN'T EVEN A BLACK MAN AND YOUR RACIST roblox I can't live without it its mah life also (for robloxians obly not this peice of crap) my Username is SirenSaphira

  • Aleksander Keserica
    2019-08-14 16:38:58

    u mother fucker how dare u say that u piece of shit roblox is better than to listen to your crazy ass and fuck off

  • João Games
    2019-08-12 12:58:58

    *seu palhaço

  • João Games
    2019-08-12 12:56:30


  • Zulfa Zulfa
    2019-08-10 03:53:17

    I think you didn't even play and now you are just saying mean stuff iduot

  • ♤MAITWO♤
    2019-08-09 17:21:22


  • ♤MAITWO♤
    2019-08-09 17:20:14

    i know its cute(WUWW) but........NO ..ITS NOT

  • ♤MAITWO♤
    2019-08-09 17:18:34

    Maybe, its cuz ur wifi is afraid of it... well it might be cuz ur wifi has a small mb

  • Roselene Marques
    2019-08-09 01:47:20

    eu tenho

  • Roselene Marques
    2019-08-09 01:47:20

    eu tenho

  • Detour's World
    2019-08-08 21:11:43

    no it dont

  • foxy pt mine
    2019-08-08 15:42:36

    o robux n é a unica coisa que faz o xara ganhar dinheiro e sim se muitas pessoas intalarem o jogo ;)

  • Alureon Trojan
    2019-08-08 12:31:37

    Oui mais le problème est que les hackers peuvent faire croire au jeu que c'est a chaque fois un nouveau mois, ducoup ils recoivent des robux en illimité, c'est ce qui s'est passé avec les TIX ( ancienne monnaie de Roblox)

  • Ronald Ro
    2019-08-08 10:59:38

    i agree!:)