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★★★Featured on Google Play in 30+ countries.★★★ Recommended by PCWorld, BGR, LifeHacker, CNET, Gizmodo, XDA, Phandroid and many more technology media/websites. AirDroid allows you to access and manage your Android phone or tablet from Windows, Mac or the Web, wirelessly, for free. Calls, SMS, and the app notifications you allowed, mirrored to the large computer screen you are focused on. Type with full physical keyboard and control with a mouse. Transfer things faster without looking for a cable. Better equipments, better life. Control your Android from computer and use any apps on computer, like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line. (root NOT required.) Mirror phone notifications from any allowed apps to your computer. Reply to mobile messages (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Kik) from desktop clients.(Desktop client only) Backup photos and videos from phone to computer.(Desktop client only) Share clipboard between phone and computer. Send and receive SMS, and manage phone contacts from the desktop. Use your desktop keyboard to type on your phone.(Desktop client only) Record phone screenshot with one click, no root required. (Android 5.0+) Clean memory and boost phone speed. Find phone: locate your phone when it’s lost. Remote camera: See through the lens of both front and back cameras. Apps & Media: manage photos, ringtones and videos, upload, install and export apks. Official Forum: http://forums.airdroid.com/ Official Blog: http://blog.airdroid.com/ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/AirDroidTeam Facebook: http://Facebook.com/AirDroid Google+: https://plus.google.com/+AirDroidTeam Sina Weibo: http://weibo.com/airdroid We may not be able to respond to each message, but we do read all of them. Thank you! Note: This app uses the Device Administrator permission. It is used for the Find Phone feature.
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  • Carlos Eduardo Atoy Loaiza
    2017-06-03 23:24:59


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  • 2016-10-25 11:38:24

    جيد جدا ممتاز رائع

  • 2016-09-15 15:33:57

    paia uma bosta

  • Mohammed Alhawawey
    2016-08-07 18:34:56

    جيد جدا تطبيق غني عن التعريف

  • pico chulo
    2016-04-29 09:17:03

    muy buena aplicación .......!!!!!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡ FELICIDADES ....!!!!!!!!!!

  • Santiago De La Barrera
    2016-03-30 03:49:55

    muy buena esta apk

  • Eca Nasaiuq
    2016-03-26 04:58:52

    thanks..keep it up.

  • ‫كرار حسين‬‎
    2016-03-06 13:06:27

    يشتغل على الوايفي

  • Valentina Ayola Castro
    2016-02-28 04:19:31


  • Ezequiel
    2016-02-04 02:27:44

    Alfin pude logear mi cuenta :'D Ya puedo pasar Datos

  • طاها مصطفى
    2015-12-05 20:43:09

    ممتاز حلو مره

  • WinerTnPlays 2
    2015-10-14 09:38:42

    Dear milaupiv Can you update the 1mobile market plz

  • Majid. Suzoki
    2015-09-12 04:43:33


  • rharbi
    2015-07-20 20:33:50

    application formidable

  • Hussein Ali Al Tufeily
    2015-06-20 07:25:01

    برنامج جميل جدا وامن

  • francis@gmail.com
    2015-05-30 21:10:51

    mola mucho

  • sinansefidiyan1
    2015-02-15 22:36:45

    cool, no need for wires, makes you love technology

  • Mohammad ASADI
    2014-12-04 10:39:59

    Number ONE! USB free application

  • claudeane deodato
    2014-10-17 05:38:22

    Aplicativo bastante útil e sem falar que é incrível 😁

  • ‫حسن الحكمي‬‎
    2014-09-13 12:06:00

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  • Raúl Bucarey
    2014-06-25 03:18:27

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  • taisiz1986
    2014-02-27 23:00:18

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  • romania_1998
    2013-09-08 17:12:44

    beste app <3 must have for all

  • hela9988
    2013-06-16 21:04:02

    رايع ممتاز

  • toofan750
    2013-06-14 15:53:48

    temple run2

  • ciaranhead
    2013-05-30 18:01:35

    cool man but u need to have it on play store

  • dis.radix
    2013-04-26 13:50:33

    imprescindible para manejar el contenido de nuestro mobil.

  • simona
    2013-04-22 10:57:17

    it is so good!

  • 23318
    2013-04-22 09:01:32

    visually astounding. very intuitive browser interface. must use secure connection though... Don't no got time for that!

  • rodrigo32596
    2013-03-21 07:42:30

    excellent application

  • mnavery68
    2013-03-09 07:21:01

    Airdroid is mega cool and Airdroid2 is very good for a place were I have access to corporate Wi-fi for my phone or computer but Airdroid seemed convinced they weren't on the same service. But the new one does not use Wi-fi it uses 3g(or4) the only down side to it is that I'm back to typing my way back in. I guess the QA code can easily spoil us

  • lovebugleon
    2013-03-06 13:24:22

    The easiest way to get stuff on your phonr to computer and vice versa! LOVES IT ;P

  • emamasm
    2013-02-17 21:31:23

    very very nice !!!

  • ilnannyhack
    2012-09-24 05:38:56

    very nice application

  • kfox19
    2012-09-20 21:59:56

    Excelente aplicativo. Funciona perfeitamente no galaxy s2.

  • rakt
    2013-02-14 08:30:52

    No puede faltar.........