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The description of Samsung Push Service

Get all your Samsung updates Samsung Push service sends your push notifications about official apps and offers from Samsung, providing notification services for Samsung Apps, Samsung Link, Samsung Wallet, Samsung Pay on all your Samsung devices. The utility receives the “push” notification message from a publisher of a Samsung application and it then begins running in the background and downloading or updating certain services exclusive to Samsung. This could be the S Calendar, S Voice, S memo, messaging, or any other Samsung only service or app. It is responsible for executing notifications, messages, and e-mails. Get access to all your Samsung updates on the go as soon as any recent changes or updates are released. Tap and check to know more about improvements, Samsung latest deals or to check your Samsung purchases. New messages are displayed in pop-up windows, new updates are placed as badges on Samsung Apps to and new messages are placed on the notification bar. If you delete the Samsung push service you will not receive new notifications unless you visit Samsung Apps. Samsung advises all users to maintain the app because it “improves service stability”. The Samsung Application Push Service serves to support the notification messages as well as command or control messages for certain applications such as breaking news for the news apps or updates for other applications that may improve functionality. If you uninstall Samsung Push Service it will just reinstall when you visit Samsung apps. However, you can restrict the data usage of Samsung Push Service. Here’s how: 1) Go to Settings 2) Go to Data Usage 3) Scroll down to "Samsung Push Service" then tap on it 4) Scroll down then tap "Restrict Background Data"
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    It has the same signature from the Samsung Company. Your not risking anything installing this.

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    2013-11-30 01:01:49

    sin comentario alguno, no se merece ni que gaste la fuerza de mis dedos ni esforzarme para poder descargar esta aplicacion decepcionante un 0,0 esa nota le doy , ustedes ven si la descargan simplemente yo doy mi opinion al respecto gracias.....

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  • josesucolega
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