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★BIG~!! UPDATE ★ ▶Salty Strategic Battle on the Pirate Ship! ▶Strategically Organize Your Own Pirate Crew! Only Stronger Pirate can Loot Bigger Treasures!! ▶Travel the World Map where Enemies Grow Stronger, Defeat the 20 Enemies Max and become Pirate King!! ▶Don't Fear the Defeat, You can Rise Again!! Pirate's Sail towards the Gold Never Stops!! "Discover all the Sunken Treasures, Set a Sail to Become Pirate King!!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Have you ever imagined? There might be someone in the video games who prepares all fun stuff?” Right! That’s our Secret Agents! Guardians of the Video Game! Prepare all the necessities for gameplay by yourself! We Want You! Are you ready to become a Guardian ?!! Let's see who can escort our Hero to the furthest stage! ■ Fun Features 1. Automatic combat system! Idle RPG~! - 24/7 full-time workers, always working even when you are logged out 2.Defeat your enemies!! GLOBAL PVP! - PVP World Series~ Test your skills by competing against users from around the world! 3. Real-time blockbuster Boss Raid! Bring it on! Boss!!! - Gather all the parties! We are taking down the boss together! Let’s go, guys~!! 4. Let's climb the Pyramid! - The higher you go , the greater the rewards you will get! Can't stop climbing! 5. The way to become stronger;clear Dungeons! - Obtain powerful items, including Armors and Dragon Sword from the classic-game Dungeons! 6. We are now recruiting new members! -Recruit! Train! Promote!! Get stronger LIMITLESS ! 7.Immortal Hero - If the Hero is at risk , our best friend the “Carrier Pigeon” will rescue and bring him 2 stages back. 8. Hidden classic game parodies - Nostalgic retro classic games are hidden all over the place~! [Community] https://www.plug.game/guardvg/1031256 [Support] support@guardvg.zendesk.com
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