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The ultimate music player for Android PlayerPro Music Player for Android is a must have app for all music lovers. It comes with a host of different features that not only allow you to play your favourite tracks but also helps you to organize the songs and learn about your playback habits. You can organize and browse your media by albums, artists, genres, folders, songs playlists and the player handles formats such as .ogg, .flac - after you enable the DSP Pack* - with a nice scrobbling interface that also allows you to generate smart playlists based on album, genre, title, play count, skip count, last played, duration, file patch, etc. PlayerPro finds anything in your library through search, filtering and sorting out all the items. It updates and corrects mislabeled tracks thanks to a powerful built-in tag editor. It also welcomes you through a visual browsing experience that navigates smoothly through your albums and artists in a grid or list display. You can add album network, artist pics and genre illustrations, connect to your favorite artists by reading bios and album reviews, download lyrics and sing along with your songs, evaluate and classify your songs using a 5 star rating system, view stats on your songs, including play counts, skip counts, play dates and sync your ratings with your desktop media player. WAIT, THERE’S MORE! > Choose between 5 different home screen widgets (4x1, 4x2, 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4) with a wide range of configurable options: display artist picture instead of album artwork, display ratings, display shuffle/repeat controls, etc. > Choose between 2 different lock screen widgets (4x2 and 4x4) with a wide range of configurable options: unlock slider selection, skip tracks using volume buttons, swipe gestures, background selection, controls selection, time display, skin selection, etc. > Capture all of your mobile listening history in real time thanks to scrobbling. Support for the official Last.fm app, the Simple Last.fm scrobbler app and the Scrobble droid app > Fade out your music while you fall asleep thanks to a built-in sleep timer > Give your phone a shake to switch to the next or previous song in the play list. Ideal to use when you are on the go > Display Now Playing notifications and controls in the status bar for quick access. > Customize what your headset buttons do thanks to a wide range of configurable controls * Once you install the DSP Pack, you’ll enjoy: > a 10 band graphic equalizer with preamp to get even more control over your sound experience > your songs fade in and out from one track to the next by adjusting Crossfade playback > your music the way it was meant to be heard by removing gaps of silence between songs with Gapless playback
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APK Version History PlayerPro Music Player .APK For Android

  • yasaroyunda12_16_
    2017-11-13 07:38:48


  • Adrian Zakrzewski
    2016-12-15 11:22:19

    Awesome app!!!

  • Ehsan Irani
    2016-11-25 16:51:31

    بسیار علی. good

  • 2016-11-03 13:50:53

    this app is missing from search results! I have to subscribe to mark8 store to view and download. ugh...

  • 2016-09-29 13:33:06

    great app but they should let 5 band equalizer have cross fade so far it's paid version, not only 10 band. The 10 band equalizer is not good at all

  • 2016-09-26 20:03:24

    hola looocoos

  • José Carlos Dos Santos Carlinhos
    2016-08-31 11:59:21

    Ficou super 10

  • hector farinas
    2016-07-27 20:54:25

    Excelente sin objeciones como reproductor de música, como reproductor de vídeos me quedo con reproductor MX, de hecho me quedé con los dos configurados de manera específica

  • Dead Mayhem
    2016-07-11 11:51:03

    Excelente aplicacion, se la recomiendo a todos. Busque montones de reproductores xq el de android es un asco y todos eran incluso peores, pero este definitivamente es el mejor que existe se puede cambiar el nombre, el album y hasta la caratula y personalizar el reproductor es demasiado bueno merece las 5 estrellas.

  • Mahdi Ameri
    2016-07-10 17:07:12

    Hello thanks for Software best Would Thinks

  • Schatten
    2016-07-09 07:48:49

    es buena, sin embargo, al instalarla se produce un efecto de transparencia que impide instalar apps de fuentes desconocidas.

  • Schneiderblindao Blindao
    2016-06-22 12:42:10

    Perfeito ,obrigado aptoide !!!!!!

  • Juaan Joo
    2016-06-19 21:18:55

    acaso eres homosexual?

  • Edward Llano
    2016-06-18 19:16:38

    el mejor regalo 🎁 5 estrellas

  • Santo Torus
    2016-06-18 16:40:05

    chupame la verga

  • RedArmy20
    2016-06-09 21:21:45

    Fantastic app. Works brilliantly. Thanks for download.

  • 64 Bits
    2016-06-05 02:52:58

    muito bom n tive problemas com licença e n parou de funcionar nao tive erro algum

  • Neaj Nitrek Essirehl
    2016-06-03 05:23:49

    goooood app. I love it

  • Nechy Burgos Mussenden
    2016-06-03 01:18:11

    No quiere descargar.

  • Jerrold Lynch
    2016-05-31 00:19:18

    this is a very awesone app, the only thing i dislike is that it makes a playlist out of your search results, if it would just play the rest of my songs after playing the one i was looking for, that be great!

  • Jack Fl
    2016-05-26 20:54:25

    Esta genial

  • Tempo 777
    2016-05-24 18:27:27

    no c bro disculpa :v

  • Maximiliano Aros
    2016-05-22 21:54:47

    me encanto es genial❤💙

  • Tempo 777
    2016-05-13 03:18:22

    se la recomiendo el mejor reproductor

  • sina zamani
    2016-05-03 18:47:57

    بدون اغراق میشه گفت بهترین پلیر انرویدی هستش

  • juan carlos garcia martinez
    2016-04-24 19:36:34

    la mejor app exelente

  • Joao Batista
    2016-04-22 18:10:06

    muito bom, uso ele a bastante tempo

  • Pablo A. Ortiz
    2016-04-14 04:51:12

    No soy el único ayer todavía me funcionaba bien :'v

  • Efrain Cesar SC
    2016-04-09 03:20:22

    Porque cuando busco las caratulas dice 0

  • João Jhon
    2016-04-02 05:32:50

    Very Good!

  • Droid games
    2016-03-30 00:06:23

    verdade viu. adoro esse app

  • Jorge De La Cruz
    2016-03-23 02:19:57

    proooooooooo se las recomiendo

  • Bogdan Carmaciu
    2016-03-13 20:32:38

    Is the best app for music!!!!!

  • naseralfadhly
    2016-03-12 06:25:48

    من أروع التطبيقات ويستحق الخمس نجوم

  • Pedro Serrano
    2016-03-10 10:36:17

    Error al descargar

  • leakcim56
    2016-03-09 13:35:09

    Impossible à installer... :-(

  • Leonardo Marchetti
    2016-03-09 10:35:28

    Error -_-

  • Julio Mendez
    2016-03-08 23:50:40

    Error al descargar.

  • Yvonne Kearsley Manning
    2016-03-08 22:42:35

    Can't update says error

  • wolfsstolz01
    2016-03-08 17:35:34

    Ich kann die App nicht herunter laden. Verbindungsfehler. I can't Download this APP, there is a connection error.

  • ‫الهفهاف الراسبي 96‬‎
    2016-02-23 18:52:55

    اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد

  • Jonatha Alves
    2016-02-18 00:04:27

    melhor app pra música que conheço. baixando o pack de configurações e sabendo usar fica mais top ainda

  • Imin Trickster
    2016-02-17 08:45:57

    Like it.. But sometimes when music are playing, it stop by itself and sometimes it restart the song.. :(

  • oliveira
    2016-02-17 02:22:59

    esse e bom gostei

  • Alan Lopez Hernandez
    2016-02-15 03:25:58


  • Alan Lopez Hernandez
    2016-02-15 03:24:59

    like que buena app

  • Abhishek Paragh
    2016-02-14 17:36:06

    my n.3 best music player

  • said nador
    2016-02-14 05:28:50

    مشغل جيد جدا

  • Marcus Silva
    2016-02-08 02:19:45

    Tocador com vários recursos maravilhosos! Uso há uns 3 anos e não consigo me adaptar a outro. Como tenho patch fica ainda mais interessante.

  • take1
    2016-01-30 22:16:25

    Full featured app that makes the very best of your music experience.

  • gustavo reyes
    2016-01-30 16:11:34

    excelente ahora si se puede editar estando la música en la tarjeta sd externa

  • Ali Alu
    2016-01-30 08:28:53

    برنامج كلش حلووووو

  • Antony
    2016-01-23 03:05:26


  • Honey
    2016-01-22 14:08:19

    i love it....

  • Syum
    2016-01-22 13:51:09

    good app.......

  • Amul
    2016-01-20 10:33:04

    I love it....

  • Sam
    2016-01-20 10:12:40

    Good App.......

  • one
    2016-01-20 09:47:50

    I love it....

  • Steven Duran
    2016-01-17 19:41:45

    si el mejor reproductor alguien que quiera musica electronica mande whatsapp a +503 7048 5086

  • Hugo AG
    2016-01-05 22:03:57

    el mejor reproductor

  • AptoideTest
    2015-12-22 11:34:25

    Its a great app!

  • AptoideTest
    2015-12-22 11:33:49

    Its a great app!

  • Claudito Valderrama
    2015-12-21 02:19:17

    Unos de los reproductores con más edición en los meta datos, totalmente recomendable

  • Samuel Emery
    2015-12-14 10:54:04

    Excellent Player

  • manu
    2015-12-13 15:55:36

    se puede descargar música?

  • Carlos Arellano
    2015-11-13 17:25:48

    es exelente

  • rodrigo rodrigues
    2015-10-27 12:43:16

    completo recomendado

  • ابوشهاب
    2015-10-24 12:58:30

    مشغل موسيقى ممتاز

  • BREI2021
    2015-10-18 14:43:55

    Es la versión pro,muy buena se los recomiendo 👌👌👍

  • Man Douh
    2015-10-14 16:34:51

    البرنامج روعة

  • danis82
    2015-10-07 03:01:34

    simplemente genial

  • critian
    2015-10-04 08:19:09

    como lo puedo descargar

  • Biggie D
    2015-10-01 06:11:04

    yo hablo español

  • joaopaulo
    2015-09-30 01:19:57

    ótimo nota 9

  • Liomarkito Camacho
    2015-09-27 01:32:28

    Me gusta ,todo bien funciona ,pero me gustaría que hagan un skin para la versión primera al estilo del samsung ,Qué sea de color azul y negro con las mimas cosas del samsung me gustaria uno así .esa es mi unica petision sigan mejorando ,ESPERO TOMEN EN CUENTA MI PETICIÓN.

  • Liomarkito Camacho
    2015-09-27 01:32:03

    Me gusta ,todo bien funciona ,pero me gustaría que hagan un skin para la versión primera al estilo del samsung ,Qué sea de color azul y negro con las mimas cosas del samsung me gustaria uno así .esa es mi unica petision sigan mejorando ,ESPERO TOMEN EN CUENTA MI PETICIÓN.

  • Tulio Oliveira
    2015-09-21 16:53:59

    APP top de música. perfeito.

  • alvaro montiel
    2015-09-17 03:55:22

    muy buen reproductor la recomiendo

  • Emerson Santos
    2015-09-16 21:37:33

    espanhol '-'

  • Gaspar Estepa
    2015-08-27 22:46:35

    ha, im speak spanish and inglish

  • Ars Magno
    2015-08-25 15:59:54

    Good,very good!

  • Taylor Uzumaki
    2015-08-17 07:08:36


  • Mahdi Ameri
    2015-08-10 13:23:14

    Hello is very good software thanks

  • Antonio Ladinos
    2015-08-08 23:37:10

    arriba los que hablen español :v

  • Marcos Felipe
    2015-07-31 21:43:19

    Ótimo Recomendo a todos ótimo ótimo.

  • John Paul
    2015-07-15 15:59:21

    too many bugs

  • Jhonielson Silva
    2015-07-04 03:01:17

    muito bom funciona

  • Kaito Mata
    2015-07-03 15:17:26

    Mark8 lo volviste hacer, sin duda eres lo máximo

  • Angel@player513
    2015-06-19 15:39:29

    ta plantosa me yexa

  • Messi_Thug
    2015-06-18 22:09:51

    Esse sim é o melhor!!!

  • Biggie D
    2015-06-11 19:13:10

    el q no hable español es puto

  • Aravind
    2015-06-09 02:08:59

    Amazing player...! Must download frnds

  • Anderson Silva
    2015-06-03 23:21:20

    Top demais.

  • Pancho Carp
    2015-05-11 19:44:51

    excelente app

  • samy gafar
    2015-04-26 20:11:56

    رووووعه فوق الخيال

  • Rogerio Azevedo
    2015-04-25 18:39:40

    ótimo APP. funciona muito bem sem ter q pagar. na googleplay, a versão completa é paga.

  • gerardoyvos
    2015-04-21 09:05:51

    todo mis programas son parcheados algunos no por mi otros si igual siempre en su ultima actualizacion asi que les recomiendo que me agregen-- ninguna de las aplicaciones subidas a mi tienda tienen virus se los aseguro yo me hago responsable se los aseguro asi que disfruten de mis aportes siempre actualizandolos a su ultima vercion o los que no actualice es porque es la mejor vercion

  • jose gregorio Mendoza
    2015-04-17 06:22:01

    muy buena pero le falta buscar las letras de las canciones por s

  • mauron.
    2015-04-15 21:55:37

    mii bjena la apivahga

  • stack_the_king
    2015-04-06 12:57:35

    Para mi el mejor reproductor de musica que hay, tuve la versión Lite pero esta ya es una pasada, me encanta :)