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Your favorite app has had a makeover! Toca Life: Town now has all the fun stuff you can do in the rest of the Toca Life apps: Grow your own vegetables in the new garden! Change clothes on all your characters! Introducing Toca Life MIX - your source for everything that’s going on in Toca Life! Get the latest news, watch cool videos and vote in fun polls.

APK Name For Download : Toca Life: Town

Version : 1.5-play

Package : com.tocaboca.tocatown

Size : 128.69 MB (134944678 bytes)

Get It On : Get Toca Life: Town on Google Play

Target : 4.4.x

CPU : x86,armeabi-v7a

Developer: Jonas Carlsson
OU: Brand Development
Organization: Toca Boca
Locality: Stockholm
State: Sweden
Country: se

Display : SMALL


APK Version History Toca Life: Town .APK For Android

Toca Life: Town 1.5-play Download APK

Version : 1.5-play (2) Android 2.3.2+

Update On : 2019-02-14T08:44:19+00:00

Downloads : 613858

Signature : Toca Life: Town 1.5-play(2) apk safe verified c9c901a5237f93babbf62b4b30d7d47d

Toca Life: Town 1.5-play APK Download

Version: 1.5-play (32321) Android 2.3.2+

Update on: 2018-07-07

Downloads: 613858

Signature: Toca Life: Town 1.5-play(32321) apk safe verified c9c901a5237f93babbf62b4b30d7d47d

Toca Life: Town 1.4.3-play APK Download

Version: 1.4.3-play (3487) Android 2.3.2+

Update on: 2018-07-07

Downloads: 613858

Signature: Toca Life: Town 1.4.3-play(3487) apk safe verified 533709c9207e998750990f4d8fbb871d

Toca Life: Town 1.3.1 APK Download

Version: 1.3.1 (131) Android 2.3.2+

Update on: 2015-05-29

Downloads: 35847

Signature: Toca Life: Town 1.3.1(131) apk safe verified 73cecbd2988aa09166cd14902915219c

Toca Life: Town 1.0 APK Download

Version: 1.0 (2) Android 2.3.2+

Update on: 2014-07-10

Downloads: 34718

Signature: Toca Life: Town 1.0(2) apk safe verified 07e3ca32cc2803bcd59a5e3fe8049f10

  • Leila Channel
    2018-11-21 01:29:13.134159

    هذي اللعبة ضليت ابحث عنها وادعي الله فشي يوم العبها واليوم اخير هي تتحمل يارب تشتغل والعبها لان انا من المدمنين على ڤديوهات. toca lifeفبدي ادمن كمان على لعبها

  • raged Al shra
    2018-08-06 19:21:41.408167

    يارب تشتغل

  • Ameer -alksrawe
    2018-07-19 13:11:38.878715

    لعبة حلوة وبدون نت بنصح الجميع يحملها

  • Salim gamer
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  • حسين عطيه
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  • حسين عطيه
    2018-06-21 14:37:06.056812

    جميل واو اني أحبها واحب العاب التحريك 👍👍👍👍شكرا البرنامج اكويز😙😙😙😙😙😙😙مرة اني ما انفتحت إذا ماتنفتح الكم طفو😉النت😯والله والله اصير 😍😍😍😍❤❤💋❤

  • البنوته الرقيقه
    2018-06-20 21:20:22.263759

    حلووو هسه جاي تتنزلي بلكت تفتح^^

  • sama behery
    2018-05-15 15:59:54.33705

    wonderfull if it is not working you can switch the internet connection off and then open it again it is going to work