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Interrupting Goat
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In Interrupting Goat 1.3

1.3 - The goat's hearing is now a little better, and the icon has changed! 1.2 - Volume buttons now make the goat more or less boisterous. Also, +1 to goat's robustness stat. 1.1 - Fixed the problem where the goat's head gets removed and he starts walking on it.

In Interrupting Goat 1.3


He'll interrupt you, your friends, coworkers, dinner, funerals, and pretty much anything else. He doesn't even care - he's a goat. Just try having a conversation with the goat, he dares you. ----- P.S. Make sure your volume's up real nice, the goat's not a fan of being stifled.

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cool btw.. review by Sofia Samp

cool btw... FIRST :D

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