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You can’t even begin to imagine how much the Tuenti app enhances the communication options offered by your cell phone, whether you’re a Tuenti customer or you’re with another mobile operator. With the app, you’ll enjoy: free minutes to call with VozDigital, unlimited calls from any device and even without coverage, chat, and more. And complete control in the palm of your hand.* > EXTRA FREE MINUTES The Tuenti app adds VozDigital minutes to your combo FREE, so the only thing you spend when you use them is the time you're on the phone. What's more, they don't use the data from your combo even if you're on 3G/4G. They can be used to call national landline and cell phone numbers. If you run out, you can always buy more from the app itself, even if you're not a Tuenti customer. > TALK WITHOUT LIMITS If the person you're calling also has the Tuenti app, calls are unlimited! You won't spend VozDigital minutes or anything else. > INCREDIBLE CALLS: WITHOUT COVERAGE AND WITHOUT A CELL PHONE Calling without coverage and even without a cell phone seems impossible, but not with Tuenti. If you don't have coverage, connect to a WiFi network and use your cell phone to call normally. As your number and your phonebook are in the cloud, you can also do this from any other cell phone, computer or tablet, meaning that you won't miss any calls. > FORGET ROAMING If you're traveling abroad, you can also call home without paying roaming charges. You can call via WiFi with your usual number without it costing you a penny more. > TOTAL CONTROL IN YOUR HAND With the Tuenti app, you won't miss a single detail about your line: Check out your spending, top up, check your call history and messages, buy your combo and more. You can also ask us for help quickly and efficiently from the app: Write to us via chat anytime, anywhere, and we'll reply right away. > CHAT AND MUCH MORE You can also use the app to chat, send SMS or customize your voicemail. * The benefits listed here are available in some countries. Visit tuenti.pe, tuenti.com.ar, tuenti.gt or tuenti.ec for more information
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APK Version History Tuenti .APK For Android

  • Edgar Condori Menacho
    2016-02-02 23:27:18

    me agrada me da ygual i a tiiii

  • hassan
    2015-11-20 16:34:26

    el Amor no solo palabras hay que demuestren

  • hassan
    2015-11-20 16:32:42

    una mujer sin amor como un flor sin olor y un hombre sin amor como un coche sin conductor jejejejeje

  • shinichimander
    2015-04-15 13:44:00

    Esta app es segura y no contiene fallos nwn

  • Miguel Angel Martin
    2014-02-18 20:41:57

    es una puta mierda no lo rekomiendo

  • Edy Shu
    2014-01-12 11:50:49

    En la tablet no se me actualiza por nada del mundo.

  • no esta mal
    2014-01-11 18:56:27

    ay mejores pero esta bn

  • Patricia Perez
    2013-10-26 12:07:32

    El otro era muchiiiiiisimo mejor rste es una mierda Yo paso de usar este tuenti

  • baya mierda
    2013-10-07 15:22:48

    kpongaaaan el otrooo yaaa joderrrr

  • xdabrahamdx
    2013-07-02 00:19:06

    Va muy bien, lo recomiendo.