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Musical.Ly is one of the largest creative platforms you can find. This apps is the favorite for users when creating funny videos and sharing them not only with friends but with the whole world as well. This app allows users to create, edit, send and broadcast videos. These can last for a minimum time of 15 seconds or 1 minute and you can chose sound tracks to accompany them. It offers several speed options (time-lapse, slow, normal, fast and epic). In addition, users can apply different filters and effects to get the most of their moves before sharing them with their friends. Like many other social networks , Musical.Ly offers “Live Moments” which is a feature to create shorter videos that are basically GIFs with music. Users can also interact with each other with features like “Ask a Question” and “Duet”. Musical.Ly is well known among music fans and people who know how to get the best out of their favorite sounds. Its social network aspect makes it the favorite app to join a community of funny music lovers. Using this app is very comfortable since you get all features one finger tap away. Once you have created an account you realize the menus are intuitive and easy to use, so you can just open it and start self-filming!
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  • João Vitor
    2018-04-27 20:40:16

    vai tomar no cu troxa

  • Fãs Da Luara
    2018-04-25 22:06:31

    igual vc cuida da sua vida

  • Hellen Gonçalves
    2018-04-22 17:39:45


  • tina
    2018-04-21 11:14:14

    c'est pour tout

  • Carla Bianca
    2018-04-20 23:34:03

    me segue meu Usher lá é @carlabianca33

  • Carla Bianca
    2018-04-20 23:33:27

    me segue no musical.ly meu user é@Carlabianca33 e diz vim do aptoid pra mim fazer um dueto com vc

  • #Emmy smile
    2018-04-17 16:32:39


  • Эфсане Мустафаева
    2018-04-16 14:10:48

    привет 😁😁😁😁

  • Julita Games
    2018-04-15 14:53:21

    Bo nie da się musisz założyć konto

  • Leandromateus Goncalves
    2018-04-14 15:38:01

    what? Não entendi?

  • kimiiii
    2018-04-12 21:28:37

    t'es le/la seul à avoir raté tout le monde réussi sauf toi 😡😡c'est pas de notre faute si tu sais pas utiliser un téléphone pff😠😬😡😤

  • Mariana Pereira
    2018-04-11 13:24:59


  • Emma💕
    2018-04-10 19:35:17


  • Evelyn Mattos
    2018-04-07 22:46:34


  • Fãs Da Luara
    2018-04-07 21:31:42

    Cala a boca menina se não sabe usar o Music não fala nada

  • Maria Eduarda Vitorino Rocha
    2018-04-06 01:49:00

    também espero só se tiver um terremoto isso vai acontecer

  • Biah Souza
    2018-04-03 01:53:57

    nessa atualização tem efeito 3d

  • Samara kids
    2018-04-02 15:40:56


  • Micro apps
    2018-04-02 10:40:11

    nienormalna jesteś to nie jest gra

  • Micro apps
    2018-04-02 10:40:08

    nienormalna jesteś to nie jest gra

  • Thainara Ferreira
    2018-03-29 18:37:07


  • Vlog da Sofia
    2018-03-29 17:17:15

    é Por favor

  • Cata Hernandez
    2018-03-25 17:39:23


  • Raynne Victória
    2018-03-21 16:52:54

    Vc que n sabe fazer direito mulaa

  • jigar iglesias
    2018-03-17 03:52:48

    updated version is 6.8.0 why can't u understand

  • jigar iglesias
    2018-03-17 03:51:25

    v6.6.0 can not be newer than v6.8.0

  • Angelica Cesar
    2018-03-14 22:49:29

    el men ese tiene rasor

  • Santiago Maximiliano Montenegro
    2018-03-14 18:54:03

    e bueno dientida de mierda callate boluuu

  • Daimon Miranda
    2018-03-14 04:23:51

    verd eu fico muito triste de não ter no Android eu queria que tivesse tudo o que tem no Iphone 😒🙁😢😭😡

  • Daimon Miranda
    2018-03-14 04:22:12


  • Santiago Maximiliano Montenegro
    2018-03-10 23:01:31

    ni uno deves saber hacer

  • Santiago Maximiliano Montenegro
    2018-03-10 23:00:52

    chau :v

  • Filip Zufla
    2018-03-04 07:20:31


  • Filip Zufla
    2018-03-04 07:20:30


  • natale matos
    2018-03-04 01:19:00

    u have to put a fake one

  • To Tentando
    2018-03-03 22:47:28

    ammmeeeeeeiiiiii e muito boom mesmooooo

  • Mel games
    2018-03-02 17:40:20

    meu Deus o musical.ly foi feito para iPhone gente e não é relóginho aquilo lá é um menu do iPhone meu pai amado 🤦

  • Thu Diiabla Sofoke
    2018-02-27 06:12:39

    Psss Y Eta 😂😂😂😂

  • Liz Nicole Grimes
    2018-02-26 22:34:48

    sigueme yo me llame liznicolels xd y tu como te llamad pa seguirte??? xd

  • Oriana Cubilla
    2018-02-25 21:57:44

    pufff ya quisiera

  • Oriana Cubilla
    2018-02-25 21:57:16

    pufff ya quisiera

  • Jakko xD
    2018-02-25 21:31:11

    What the fuck are you talking about? If you are inexpierienced yeah your phone can fall from your hand but getting hurt? whatthefuckiswrongwithyoukiddo

  • Gabriel Gameplay
    2018-02-25 17:58:47

    o meu não esta pedindo para atualizar

  • Naty Perez
    2018-02-25 00:30:27


  • Kaique Ribeiro
    2018-02-18 14:22:16

    a 6.0.0

  • Lolinda Rubi
    2018-02-15 05:46:47


  • Ivanir Coimbra
    2018-02-10 16:45:49

    isso mesmo

  • planeta da itala lima
    2018-02-09 13:36:23

    E se eu não gostar? vai ter o que. troxa é quem comenta isso. E aqui ninguém é troxa não, tá? afs odeio gente que comenta merda odeio gente que bota seus defeitos em quem está quieto.

  • Nayla Butolo
    2018-02-08 08:30:07

    knp tdk bisa mem foto

  • 🔥 🐺
    2018-02-06 21:12:13

    yay it's the bedt