Plus For Odorik callback APK

App for easy and cheap calling with Czech virtual mobile operator with using (not only) callback. This application provides ability to order callback via internet or SMS with often more suitable and friendly prices. The main functions of Odorik callback app: * callback to number * callback to Skype login * direct call (GSM) via your actual operator * redirect and call (GSM) with using of self public Odorik phone number (suitable for calling to abroad) * call route management on self public Odorik phone number (for call routing and parallel ringing features) * order callback via Internet data connectivity(Odorik API) * order callback via SMS (when you simply have not Internet access) * defined behavior of app when the selected method has failed (app will connect you with callee using alternative call method) When you make order a callback via SMS then the prices are according to your actual mobile operator. The tutorial and how-to you can find there [CZ]: More about prices of calling over Odorik mobile operator you can find on Odorik callback is official application of (miniTEL s.r.o.)

From version Odorik callback 2.2 :

## 2.2## - Fixed: Android 6 - new permissions concept (caused application failure) - Fixed: In modes "direct call" and "redirect and call" - not existing PhoneApp for calling in some devices.

Odorik callback Android versions