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We recommend the best apps & games for you, and you can earn rewards when you try them out! With AppLike, you’re able to find the hottest apps and games without searching through the Play Store. We provide you the opportunity to discover the best mobile apps AND earn real rewards & gifts! Download AppLike and discover the best reward app for Android! No more endless searching for apps & gaming! AppLike recommends games and apps that match your preferences – at no charge. If you try them, you'll get a small reward. Strategy games, brain teasers or action gaming, we recommend gaming apps that really suit you! AppLike is simple, totally free and we tailor recommendations to what you like. You will find the right games for you for free – without lengthy searches in the Play Store! The best part is, you earn gift rewards! Download AppLike now for free, get custom app recommendations and exchange your collected points (mCoins) for great gift rewards! It’s as easy as that! No other app makes getting free rewards easier. Of all the apps that pay you money, AppLike has the highest payouts, best rewards and best ways to earn bonuses. Enjoy fun apps and gaming while earning a reward! You can collect mCoins with each game app from our app recommendations. Then you can exchange these mCoins for great rewards (e.g. PayPal credit or gift cards for Amazon, Spotify, Netflix or Google Playstore)! Rewarding has never been easier! It's easy! 1. Download one of our recommended game apps for free and give it a try. 2. For each app recommendation you try out you will get mCoins. The longer you actively use an app, the more mCoins you will get, and the bigger the gift & reward! 3. Exchange the mCoins you have collected for your favorite rewards like real money or gift cards for Amazon, Spotify, Netflix and more! With AppLike, you will get app recommendations based on your interests and on apps that you have already installed. Of course all apps that we recommend are FREE OF CHARGE and offer gifts and rewards for trying them! Sign up for AppLike, collect your first mCoins and grab your reward! With our app recommendations you will not only discover exciting game apps, by trying out these free apps you will also get great rewards. Earn real money with the best free rewards app! Your friends also want great gift rewards? Invite them with our invite code and earn bonus mCoins. Start right away and get rewards for discovering and trying complimentary games and apps. Rewarding has never been easier, and gaming with friends has never been so fun! - Great app recommendations – 100% free of charge and tailored to your taste - Have fun and simplify your daily routine by using the apps - Exchange your collected mCoins for great rewards - Rewarding you for discovering cool apps! Download AppLike, start gaming and earning your first reward! We hope you have fun discovering apps and collecting mCoins!
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  • Tayyab Tayyabkhan
    2018-06-08 20:29:27


  • Manuel
    2018-05-12 22:44:13

    thank you for your feedback.

  • Florida Redondo
    2018-01-31 08:38:44

    hermosa tu 🙈😘

  • Magdalena Cano
    2018-01-06 00:33:50

    Pero que dices si eso es mentira 🤥

  • Magdalena Cano
    2018-01-06 00:33:49

    Pero que dices si eso es mentira

  • Fida Hussain
    2017-12-02 03:38:00

    not open on my cell phone why

  • Starla Feezel
    2017-11-20 09:43:59

    I got the same message !!

  • Muhammed Sameullah
    2017-09-15 14:45:36


  • Alex Dupont Gelinas
    2017-08-22 16:17:22

    how you can this i dont can help me please

  • Léo Krom
    2017-07-12 15:52:40

    Thabk you :)

  • Léo Krom
    2017-07-12 15:52:32

    So, why do you download it ?

  • sabir ali
    2017-06-16 01:35:16


  • nadeem qabil
    2017-05-25 20:16:02


  • Ibrahim Mughal
    2017-05-14 09:26:28

    This app start on you mobile.

  • Rehman Malik
    2017-04-15 18:38:57

    bhai ya opna he nhi ho rahi

  • Rehman Malik
    2017-04-15 18:38:11

    bhai ya to opna he nhi ho rahi

  • muhammah Bilal
    2017-04-15 15:48:21

    bro ksy ho

  • Azhar Hussain
    2017-03-27 05:09:37

    how to work in my dvice

  • Azhar Hussain
    2017-03-27 05:04:39

    not open yr tel me how to open

  • Udas Kashif Dil
    2017-03-26 12:54:19


  • me Mn khan
    2017-03-19 20:33:02

    Which phone are you using brother ?

  • me Mn khan
    2017-03-19 20:32:06

    Which phone are you using brother ?

  • Gregor
    2017-03-13 20:25:12

    Have you reinstalled the App? I had the same Problem.

  • Daisy little lazy
    2017-03-05 20:28:03

    you are a creep get out of here

  • Naavii De Jesús Reyes
    2017-02-10 01:38:29

    en la tablet no me deja iniciar sesión en Google

    2017-02-01 20:20:14


  • Mlp channel JuliLove
    2016-12-29 11:22:22

    wow i'ts very good app!!😍

  • Loic Yamakasi
    2016-12-13 22:16:28

    nul pas disponible en Belgique

  • Erik Pedersen
    2016-12-12 20:45:29

    It's the Best app ever

  • 2016-11-10 18:10:50

    bonjour depuis quelques j'ai changé d'appareil!

  • 2016-11-05 03:41:48

    a mi siempre me llegan

  • 2016-10-12 19:01:54

    leggermente bello

  • 2016-10-07 16:41:49

    cool and very nice

  • 2016-10-05 21:13:43

    antrax tu lo descargaste desde aqui mismo o por otro lado por play store

  • 2016-09-17 19:22:10

    funciona para chile?

  • 2016-09-15 05:21:47

    si pagan ya llevo 4 pagos recibidos

  • Antoine Despres
    2016-08-19 14:04:32

    j'aime bcp ! metci

  • diego salas
    2016-08-13 19:54:45

    wy love? this app is bad

  • diego salas
    2016-08-13 19:54:11

    Yo are wrong, this app is really bad

  • diego salas
    2016-08-13 19:53:44

    está app no sirve, es una estafa.

  • diego salas
    2016-08-13 19:53:23

    Yo are wrong. this its bad

  • diego salas
    2016-08-13 19:52:06

    extremadamente mala está app. Te hace descargar otras app por un pago y nunca pagan

  • diego salas
    2016-08-13 19:51:26

    bad. really bad

  • diego salas
    2016-08-13 19:51:08

    do not use this not pay

  • diego salas
    2016-08-13 19:50:39

    no paga, no la descarguen

  • diego salas
    2016-08-13 19:50:09

    no usar, no paga. do not use, not Pay. no sirve. es una estafa

  • Maxim Wunsch
    2016-08-10 06:37:40

    i love this app

  • Jesus Arturo Torres Delgado
    2016-08-03 20:18:23

    esta bien la app pero me dejo de funcionar y ya no me dan los puntos y paso horas jugando ya me deben mucho dinero ayudenme por favor

  • Manuel Lopez
    2016-07-31 01:42:59

    no me deja entrar

    2016-07-15 10:19:01

    good app :)