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Flipboard: News for Any Topic gathers all of the world’s stories and news in one place for your convenience. The popular app has been redesigned and continues to be the best tool for anyone that wants to be in touch with current world events. Quickly get all the information you need about your favorite topics without having to check different apps and sources. Flipboard is all about your personal passions. You can personally pick all your favorite topics and Flipboard will create a Smart Magazine for each one of them. Expert voices, curated sources and recommended stories will be organized into one easy-to-access and beautiful magazine that you can read whenever you are. Keep up with all the stories relevant to your interests! Publications available include The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Forbes, Wired, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, and many of the best publications from around the world. You can also create your own Custom Magazines. Add your favorite stories to a personal or group magazine, which you can share with people. Or create your own customized Smart Magazine with the best content from several sources, people, publications or hashtags. There’s a whole world of people to discover and follow too. On Flipboard, you can follow other users who may share the same passions as you and discover what they like and what they have to share. And, on the flipside, your comments, likes and shares will be useful to other users. You can contribute to a living Flipboard community, where news stories are shared on a daily basis. Flipboard: News for Any Topic makes it easy to keep up with all the news from around the world and everything related to any of your passions!
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  • dandy_dandy_87
    2017-09-29 14:54:29

    como te sigo

  • Enrique Valenzuela
    2017-06-04 22:09:16

    no puedo entrar al iniciar sesion o registrar dice siempre intenta mas tarde

  • Yvonne Ray Evans
    2017-03-04 11:40:01

    Donnie Pennington

  • 2016-09-20 06:17:45

    Pratique. Il y a quand même trop de publicités. on peut ajouter ses sources pour plus de pertinence.

  • Biagio Reca
    2016-09-08 06:06:41

    complimenti kolto interessate e piacevole da sfogliare

    2016-07-22 02:27:27


  • Diego Silva
    2016-04-13 23:07:38

    O melhor aplicativos de notícias!

  • ‫الكبيسي ابوقدوري‬‎
    2016-02-11 13:15:08

    جيد جدا ممتاز

  • عامر محمد صالح
    2016-02-11 10:19:02

    اروع برنامج...اكثر شي اتابعه التكنلوجيا...تسلم ايادي اللي سوت البرنامج

  • Kasha Payne
    2016-01-08 12:09:22

    I LOVE Flipboard. All the essential articles from top magazines at the stroke of a finger tip!

  • Raul Martinez Meza
    2015-12-08 00:21:24

    muy buena app

  • Morteza Ghaffari
    2015-09-23 14:49:51

    I do not like this at all

  • Ferchuss Moreira
    2015-08-21 07:30:11

    errores en mi S4 con lollipop, se cierra sola, no pasan las páginas... al principio andaba bien pero luego de varias actualizaciones dejo de funcionar!!

  • Pietro Scidurlo
    2015-08-21 04:37:56

    Non aggiornabile

  • Skurdo
    2015-07-13 22:31:53

    Indispensable!! si te creas unnbuen perfil puede ser la revista customizada para cada usuario

  • Abel Ramon Hervas Dorado
    2015-05-25 08:32:58

    apk doesn't exist?

  • Super Motita
    2015-04-23 22:47:19

    una mierda no me sierve . no lo descargen >=/

  • Snanf
    2015-04-08 05:00:56

    Widget is totally useless : stop trying to show us things that might interest us, just show us our subscriptions please !!!

  • carmen rosa
    2015-02-09 15:58:02

    I truly enjoy Flipboard! Great articles and ideas. I get what I want at the touch of my finger.

  • Jook Joon
    2014-10-08 23:16:07

    رائع جدا يستحق التحميل

  • mhluqman0605
    2014-09-28 05:41:47

    :-) :-) :-)

  • dess duvell
    2014-09-12 17:53:16

    wont even download

  • Gabriel Sgattoni
    2014-07-22 11:34:08

    no me gusta

  • Sören C. (Zoerrn)
    2014-07-04 23:03:06

    i love it. #¹ app

  • Mohammed Huussein
    2014-06-14 16:30:31

    beautiful app

  • tabatabaie.online@gmail.com
    2014-05-14 19:57:59

    بسیار عالیه

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    2014-03-22 12:17:06

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  • ‫حسام برافو‬‎
    2014-03-22 09:30:48


  • nharzhool
    2014-02-12 09:27:13

    Kinda pointless since BlackBerry World has this app and you can't install the one from Aptoide if you have the one from BlackBerry World installed.

  • Paulo Sergio Batista De Medeiros Medeiros
    2014-02-05 02:07:01

    Muito bom show nota 10

  • shamimpk7
    2014-01-29 17:02:55

    Note 3 shamim pasha

  • Martin Wright
    2014-01-06 22:45:32

    It takes up space and memory on MY phone. I dont need it...dont want it...get rid of it!! Dont hijack phone!!! If I want it I'll download it thank you.

  • morr1966
    2013-12-15 00:56:55

    ojala y me sirva' porque los anteriores los he tenido que desintalar e instalar repetidas veces para que arranque

  • kirro à mentong
    2013-12-09 23:55:22

    bien coool l'application

  • djbibibibihfgc
    2013-11-06 15:20:10

    awesome app to manage my Twitter account

  • hickchick8930
    2013-11-02 18:31:19


  • franciscoaguirre91
    2013-10-27 19:04:58

    excelente app para estar al dia con las noticias.

  • x.press33
    2013-09-07 00:56:20

    برنامه جالب و کاملیه. واسه من ک کاربردیه:) اخبارات،مجله ها،تیتر روزنامه های جهان

  • gerald.goonting
    2013-06-03 12:17:21

    I love this software. ... just what I need for quick news.

  • sekofof
    2013-03-06 16:25:09

    cette application marche corectement sur ma tablette mpman

  • gavilanes2001
    2013-02-18 20:59:24

    muy buena app, me encanta su interfaz tipo revista, aun así, le falta algo, notificaciones, facebook, twitter y google+ no son lo mismo sin notificaciones.

  • Adhhrbi
    2012-09-09 19:41:51

    برنامج غير مفهوم وبطيء