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Don’t ever sit through those annoying ads, with this incredibly useful app. No one likes to sit through ads and to always keep getting pop-ups when trying to watch a movie or play a game. Now you can end that by download the Adblock Plus app which will automatically remove all ads from your mobile device. All this one your Android mobile device with no root required. What are you waiting to download this app? Adblock Plus blocks all the advertising whenever you browse the web as well as when you are playing some of your favourite apps, such as Angry Birds, just to name one. You won’t have to get annoyed ever again, with this completely free app which will improve your mobile experience significantly. Another feature that will make Adblock Plus more enjoyable is its ability to block ads from almost every app, including mobile ads, video advertising, banners, push notifications, display advertising and HTML5 advertising, just to name some. However, please note that Adblock Plus can have some limitations depending on which Android version your device is running. If your device is rooted, Adblock Plus will block ads on both WiFi and 3G. If, on the other hand, your device is not rooted and uses Android 3.1 or later, the app will block ads over WiFi. What are you waiting for? Download Adblock Plus now and get an even better experience!
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APK Version History Adblock Plus .APK For Android

  • Dragonballz 2
    2018-08-04 04:15:01


  • Dragonballz 2
    2018-08-04 04:14:28

    Im trying to source stopap app .....any idea where i can hunt for that ?

  • didverg
    2017-02-08 13:25:06

    ça marche j'ai plus le configurer mais il m'a fallu une vidéo de tutorial

  • didverg
    2017-01-31 18:12:35

    faites un truc plus simple pour les novices comme moi c'est compliqué ces histoires de proxy et de port

  • s nonya
    2017-01-08 22:12:52

    Id ont want the proxy shit just block the most annoying ads please

  • 2016-10-28 15:15:53

    cette application Est vraiment génial

  • 2016-09-28 07:11:37

    يحتاج روووووت

  • The Noe
    2016-08-18 17:14:21

    why cant work for ads at game

  • Fabian Palma
    2016-07-24 19:09:01

    sirve me salva de los virus sea cual sea!>.<

  • Jaco6
    2016-06-30 18:56:15

    Although i can understand u but tis app is legit as in its real it works im using it even right now

  • mahmood hussam alhashemi
    2016-06-26 00:06:22

    انص الناس بتحمله

  • Lorenzo Bortolon
    2016-06-12 11:52:55

    non funziona, cioè che non si salva le impostazioni avanzate del mio WiFi e non trovo impostazione proxy.

  • ‫ﻏﺎﻻﻧﻎ ﺍﺗﻤﺎﺩﺟﻪ‬‎
    2016-05-11 10:30:57

    lg download adblock, semoga msh berfungsi, atasi iklan2 yg sring muncul di hp

  • xxahmadxx52
    2016-03-08 19:00:49

    برنامج جميل صراحة يس ما ينفع مع المتصفح

  • جنة الورد
    2016-01-22 20:38:17

    التطبيق لا يعمل عندي

  • Allan55555 •
    2016-01-13 01:21:58


  • MuffinAdler5
    2016-01-10 21:40:51

    Geht das auch one Host verändern

  • Randy Laplana
    2015-12-06 04:53:17

    Well.......Not good

  • Pietro Costantini
    2015-11-12 14:56:06

    un'ottima app

  • ViP-APK
    2015-11-11 06:44:51

    Unfortunaly when you dislike here you punish uploader, not Adblock Compagny. If you are rooted use Lucky Patcher hosts or AdAway, if you are not rooted, the best app is Adguard (search on my store, it's the full\Premium version) and it work perfectly.

  • Lorenzo Bortolon
    2015-11-11 05:18:40

    non rimuove niente di pubblicità nelle app.

  • AlexithOoth E. Vasquez
    2015-10-22 23:35:50

    Bueno mas buscaba para bloquear Adfly y en especial Linkbucks que últimamente se ha vuelto tedioso

  • José A De Las Heras
    2015-10-04 21:51:09

    No es el Real. Lo único que hace es pedirte que instales tres app de juegos para desbloquear la aplicación. Desinstalada. No la descargueis.

  • gibran marquez
    2015-10-04 21:00:42

    Its a feke, only have more publis

  • fabienleouf
    2015-07-09 00:45:43

    apk truqué attention mes de la pub

  • Jose Valverde Marti
    2015-07-08 21:22:50

    virus malware

  • Jose Valverde Marti
    2015-07-08 21:21:48

    virus malware!!!

  • Maéva Dupas
    2015-07-07 12:23:36

    Your phone need root !!!

  • Sergio Ibañez
    2015-06-29 00:23:00

    Es una porquería... Te pide que instales más apps para poder usarla. Desinstalando!

  • Saverio De Mussi
    2015-04-05 23:00:00

    Mi dice che è un virus

  • Giovanni Romeo
    2015-03-03 09:38:49

    AMAZING!! true working. Try it :-)

  • Timothy
    2015-02-15 19:52:44


  • Timothy
    2015-02-15 19:49:05


  • Timothy
    2015-02-15 19:43:38


  • dkyck
    2014-12-10 18:06:16


  • The_Destroyer99
    2014-11-12 12:48:43

    Virus! dont install bitches

  • Jack2421992
    2014-11-06 14:44:25

    why is this app a version higher than the official one? makes no sense. will not download anything a higher version than originally posted, even if it's safe.

  • Firey Flower
    2014-10-21 14:01:40

    Excellent app - IMMEDIATELY starts blocking those pesky push air ads, and its the ONLY one that does! And there are MANY apps that claim to, but are just fakers

  • RyanNerd
    2014-10-04 19:29:13

    This is not a fake. Not sure what happened with other reviewers. I had

  • RyanNerd
    2014-10-04 19:28:33

    This is not a fake. Not sure what happened with other reviewers. I had

  • RyanNerd
    2014-10-04 19:28:22

    This is not a fake. Not sure what happened with other reviewers. I had

  • RyanNerd
    2014-10-04 19:28:05

    This is not a fake. Not sure what happened with other reviewers. I had

  • RyanNerd
    2014-10-04 19:27:52

    This is not a fake. Not sure what happened with other reviewers. I had

  • Sash Shaman
    2014-09-29 22:21:43

    fake, wants u to install 3 other apps

  • ‫ليث التكريتي‬‎
    2014-09-27 18:38:25

    برنامج رائع

  • Angelo Moreno
    2014-09-22 18:38:26

    é uma bosta, só te força a baixar mais app's

  • David Neal
    2014-08-18 21:41:22

    does not work. When I open and try to click anything nothing happens. doesn't block ads anymore, doesn't function at all. use to work good, now it's crap. uninstalling!

  • bozo
    2014-08-03 09:43:24

    Saying it's a malware with clean Master

  • johnnnyk
    2014-06-23 12:08:09

    doesn't work and that's the real one I'm talking about.

  • Stroberrie
    2014-06-23 10:33:23

    you know that there are beta versions ? ohh god

  • Bobby Miller
    2014-06-23 04:58:56

    There is no way that as blocker has an add on it when you open it. Fake. Just get it from the website

  • [TeeKnight]Patrick[GER]
    2014-05-19 15:01:38

    Fake! The original version is 1.2.1!

  • Sir Max
    2014-05-13 21:32:36

    FAKE!!! do not download

  • [TeeKnight]Patrick[GER]
    2014-05-12 16:03:38

    Okay. I will delete this version and upload the latest version. But I still need to change the Adblock Plus version which is on my Aptoide Update Server in order to stop the 'Auto-Uploading' Process. Anyway thank you very much for letting me know that this app seems to be a fake.

  • Mihai R. .
    2014-05-12 12:38:02

    adblock plus 1.4 does not exist. This is scam ! the last ABP is 1.2.1 see adblockplus dot org

  • mark8
    2014-05-12 04:28:27

    Sorry! But it is fake! The latest version on their website is 1.2.1 not 1,4. My antivirus apps went crazy when I installed this version, but not the latest version from their website, which is 1.2,1.

  • [TeeKnight]Patrick[GER]
    2014-05-11 00:37:31

    Dude? Are you all right? This is not a fake. Clam down :o

  • mark8
    2014-05-09 01:09:25


  • mark8
    2014-05-07 18:24:27

    FAKE! Do not install. There is no version 1.4 The latest version is 1.2.1

  • Andrea Drius
    2014-05-01 22:29:11

    Vero very very goo

  • Nithin
    2014-04-23 10:08:24

    Fake App Please Don't Download

  • djcircuito99
    2014-04-23 02:24:44

    Spam! Es fake. Les pide instalar 3 programas mas y No sirve.

  • Élio Oliveira
    2014-03-19 01:27:33

    Passou no teste 100% Work

  • Aniiikka
    2014-03-13 07:39:37

    va bien Es Una App Que Bloquea La Publicidad Del Movil Y Me Gustaria Solo Que No Se Cayera Tanto Por Lo Demas Va Bien

  • Joeyschwartz5150
    2014-03-12 00:40:52

    Sent push notifications constantly.

  • Sirpiterling Romero
    2014-03-02 13:48:04

    tiene virus analisis realizado el 2/3/2014

  • Ali Salah
    2014-02-28 20:35:44


  • scoonydeus
    2014-02-07 08:50:59

    la signature ne correspond pas... le programme a été modifié (il est gratuit donc ça ne devrait pas)

  • baselsami94
    2014-01-05 11:32:57

    جيد جدا بس الله يعين الي ماعنده روت هذا لازم روت

  • ranascroller
    2014-01-04 23:16:16

    esta buena la app. pero no se si solo sea conmigo pero al instalarlo y hacer todo lo que me decía para que funcionara como debe de ser, intente iniciar sesion en tumblr como siempre pero no podía pero quite la app y ahora puedo acceder

  • John Ch
    2013-12-19 00:37:03

    BEWARE! It put a bunch of junk on my home pages and pushed some ads to my notification bar.

  • katia valorz
    2013-12-07 12:21:08

    Tiene publicidad por todas partes, una estafa, la aplicación verdadera es perfecta, pero esto es un asko

  • illuminati
    2013-11-23 05:32:42

    best ad blocker out there! highly recommend!!

  • jeremygarcia_602
    2013-10-06 18:21:47

    Amazing! Blocks advertisements from apps and in-browser ads too!!

  • Thanatos2215
    2013-05-26 18:31:46

    una excelente app tanto para pc como para android.

  • briancarr99
    2013-05-18 20:06:36

    it does work but you still get a box that pops up but without the contents

  • jairo_nes
    2013-03-28 16:33:36

    en el pc es muy buena.Aber como resulta en android boy a probarla