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Experience the best web browser on your mobile device. We are all used to using Firefox on our desktop devices due to its efficiency and simplicity. Now you can help us bring all those features to your mobile device, with Firefox for Android Beta. The app is still in development because we are committed to creating the best app possible, and we need your help for that. With Firefox for Android Beta not only can you help us refine and perfect the most recent features but you will also have the chance to test the app’s performance, customisation and security enhancements before we get them to the next version. Are you in? By downloading the app, you will have a great impact on the outcome of the app by helping us understand what can be improved and putting the finishing touches on both features and functionality, so we deliver the best browser app in the market. If you own an Intel x86 Atom based device we would really appreciate your help in telling us what you think. Firefox for Android Beta is a part of Mozilla which is a non-profit organisation with the goal of keeping the power of the web in people’s hand and works together with a global community to bring innovation on your behalf. That community is made of users, contributors and developers, all working for the same purpose.
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APK Version History Firefox for Android Beta .APK For Android

  • Bayt-Apps
    2018-01-25 18:48:20

    Obrigado pela sua avaliação #PlayerTauzBrazil

  • ad
    2017-10-21 03:49:29

    é bom

  • ηιτяσ gαмεя 4κ
    2017-10-16 17:59:00

    Thank you for your vote!

  • 2016-10-09 00:04:19

    no se Entiende Ni un pico metido en la raja Tu comentario loco

  • 2016-10-09 00:03:01

    john cena , john desalluna y john almuerza que lol esta app de FiReFoX es la magia q nos a traido aki a la puta Beta de mierda q es kaka como tu mama la Edionda A Raja looool xDDDD es mejor La normal puñeta

  • Nilton Gomez
    2015-06-21 12:07:47

    tendrá flash player esta aplicación esperó q tenga

  • Polski Gameplay
    2015-04-06 22:06:27

    good apk its coll

  • 火災 ファビアン
    2015-02-20 21:35:07

    Baguette ætti ég að segja þeim skoðanir mínar og skuldir ríkissjóðs janúar febrúar März apríl maí júní júlí August september Október nóvember desember

    2015-01-20 06:10:25

    hello everybody

  • MKyron
    2014-08-23 03:39:17

    Je ne sais pas si Adobe Flash fonctionne...

  • rcolitz
    2014-08-07 08:02:38

    I always try to use the beta version of any application because I like to help the programmer's by being able to report bugs or unusual program glitches.

  • Double_D01
    2014-07-13 19:57:09

    perfetto! mi piace la nuova versione

  • Abdulkhamid
    2014-04-10 01:20:25

    best android web browser to watch movie from internet

  • wesley_artigo157
    2013-12-27 22:37:25

    O único que roda vídeo em flash muito foda.

  • gdia.gd
    2013-10-15 18:41:59


  • francisco.contreras19.huawei
    2013-06-05 17:41:19

    funciona perron

  • bato_shadam
    2013-05-03 16:25:42

    بسیار کاربردی و راحت. بعلاوه سرعت بالایی داره

  • alone.ap66
    2013-03-03 17:46:50

    very nice ....

  • seth.banosan
    2013-02-24 23:38:58

    its still laggy and forces close always

  • seth.banosan
    2013-02-24 23:35:58

    well I'm downloading it right now hope it works on my Galaxy Ace GT-S5830

  • taransood
    2013-02-06 12:42:40

    well I have HCL me v1 tab

  • taransood
    2013-02-06 12:41:21

    best internet browser for android