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Target: Donut 1.6 API level 4, NDK 2
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In OI Shopping list 1.8

- Add OI Shopping List to the "share" menu of other apps to import text lists. (RuthAlk) - Unmark All context menu item - Avoid overlapping text of price and description - Fix issues with Add button sometimes not adding. - Fix text color on filter buttons.

In OI Shopping list 1.8


OpenIntents accepts student applications for Google Summer of Code 2012 Shopping List is a powerful application which makes it easy to create and manage checklists. OI Shopping List makes it easy to add items to a list, check the item off, and remove it from the list. The application can track separate prices for each store that you use, and features a high level of customization. Font size, sort order, list columns, and list cleanup behavior are all settings controlled by the user. All of these features are brought together in a crisp layout that is customizable through a variety of themes. The source code of this free and open source application is available at: application is ad free and does not require the internet permission. For the complete list of changes and a list of frequently asked questions, please visit:http://www.openintents.orgYou can help to improve the translation into your language at Launchpad: * Add, edit and delete lists. * Create, delete, and check items quickly and easily. * Variety of themes. * Customizable font size and sort order. * Keep track of separate prices for each store. * Customizable list columns. Available extensions for "OI Shopping List": * Add a recorded message to a note with "OI Voice Notes". * Import/export shopping lists with "OI Convert CSV". * Show the license information with "OI About". * Enter/check items with "Barcode OI Plugin". Applications that work with "OI Shopping List": * Update with "OI Update". * Backup lists with "My Backup Pro". * Import ingredients of recipes with "Bites". Keywords: * Shopping, List, Shopping List, Checklist * OI, OpenIntents, Open Intents International versions: IO قائمة التسوق, Lista de cumpărături OI, OI Alışveriş listesi, OI Boodschappenlijst, OI Einkaufsliste, OI Lista Zakupów, OI Lista de Compras, OI Shopping List, OI Shopping list, OI lista della spesa, OI Список покупок, OI списък за пазаруване, OI шопинг листа, OI سېتىۋېلىش تىزىمى, OI 購物清單, OI 购物列表, OI 쇼핑 목록, Ol Seznam nákupů, Popis za kupovinu, Λίστα αγορών OI Shopping list, لیست خرید OI Extensions: * uses OI Voice Note * uses OI ConvertCSV * uses OI About * uses Barcode OI Plugin * uses OI Update * uses My Backup Pro * uses OI Notepad * extension for Bites

Developer: OpenIntents
OU: Unknown
Organization: OpenIntents
Locality: Unknown
State: Unknown
Country: Unknown
sha1: 8C59A5E7D6D0B331E45BCB8AAB65360B10C42554
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