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The description of VerbTeX LaTeX Editor

VerbTeX is a free, collaborative LaTeX Editor for your Android device. It allows you to create and manage LaTeX projects directly on your Android device and generate a PDF by using Verbosus (Online LaTeX and Octave Editor). This software is provided "as is" without warranties or conditions of any kind, either expressed or implied. Features: * Use PdfTeX or XeTeX to generate a PDF * Dropbox integration (Local Mode: Options -> Link to Dropbox) * Box integration (Local Mode: Options -> Link to Box) * 2 Modes: Local Mode (stores .tex documents on your device) and Cloud Mode (synchronizes your projects with Verbosus) * Full LaTeX distribution (TeXLive) * Syntax highlighting * Hotkeys (see below) * Web-Interface (Cloud Mode) * Collaboration (Cloud Mode) * Autosave (Local Mode) * Custom template for new .tex files (Local Mode) * Copy project from Local Mode to Cloud Mode * Copy project from Cloud Mode to Local Mode Additional features in VerbTeX Pro: * Code completion (commands) * Encrypted transmission (TLS) of your content * Unlimited number of projects (Local Mode) * Unlimited number of documents (Local Mode) Limitations in free VerbTeX version: * Max. number of projects (Local Mode): 4 * Max. number of documents per project (Local Mode): 2 * Max. number of files to upload per project (Local Mode): 4 Import existing projects in Local Mode: * Link to Dropbox or Box (Options -> Link to Dropbox / Link to Box) and let VerbTeX automatically synchronize your projects OR * Put all your files in the VerbTeX folder on your SD card: /sdcard/VerbTeX/Local/[project]/ Please note: At least one .tex file must exist. The name of the project is the [project] folder name. Change the default template for new .tex files: Add a file called 'template.tex' in your local root project folder (/sdcard/VerbTeX/Local/template.tex). The next time you add a new document to a project the new .tex file will be filled with the text of your template.tex file. Dropbox support: On the start screen press Options -> Link to Dropbox (Please unlink any third party tools that access your VerbTeX folder). Use any .ttf font: Put your font file (e.g. BukyVede.ttf) inside your /VerbteX/Local/name-of-project folder and reference it in your document (russian in this example): \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \usepackage{polyglossia} \setmainlanguage{russian} \newfontfamily\russianfont{BukyVede.ttf} \begin{document} \section{Main Heading} Это тест \end{document} If you experience any performance issues while using the editor please try * to disable syntax highlighting and line numbers by choosing Menu -> Syntax Highlighting: ON and Line Numbers: ON * to split up your project into multiple .tex files by using the \include{...} command of LaTeX Hotkeys in editor: ctrl+s: Save ctrl+g: Generate PDF ctrl+n: New document ctrl+d: Delete document ctrl+.: Next document ctrl+,: Previous document
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