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com.clollo.simplepuzzleforchildren 1.0.5 APK Download By Carlo Lollo

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In com.clollo.simplepuzzleforchildren 1.0.5

In com.clollo.simplepuzzleforchildren 1.0.5


Simple Puzzle For Children is a puzzle game ideal to entertain younger children. Includes a large collection of images to be reassembled to gain access to the next level. The structure of the game is similar to the famous game of 15. In this case the cards are free to move throughout the game plan, both on empty positions both on positions occupied, with a simple act of sliding. The tiles can be moved one position at a time, horizontally or vertically. At the beginning of the level is showed the picture, after a few seconds the cards will be shuffled waiting to be reordered and here starts the game. There is no time limit. Have fun!

Developer: Carlo Lollo
Locality: La Loggia (TO)
State: ITALY
Country: 39
sha1: 37A0D2FBB35D40E37CC27D6FD1B156B7C5767AA7
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